Retesting Questers

Hello lads, lassies, and the bewildered in-between, I come to you in a time of great need.

For you see, my cheese corner ARD did not impress me this past week and I’m returning to a plan that once made many an attacker mad.

However I’m unsure if the safety net will obscure the culmination of my formations taste for devastation.

So basically I want you to jump in, soak in, and try to bash my face in with whatever team you use to make your VoH dreams come true.

Dark is the season I’d like you to test out for this reason and here is my code for your friends list to grow:


Please leave whatever feedback you find to be useful so I may gather data and my efforts become more fruitful.


repo onto bolt trap and it was GG
recomend moving them closer to your team, and make them harder to test, might even be worth removing the bolt trap or just have it protect a pot. depending on how much work it put in VS most people and there EP teams.

Also upgrade your L!Chrom he deals to low dmg,I need to be dealt a bit more dmg to enter WoM range

granted thanks to safty fence I can do it turn 2 anyway

if you want me to use a non-water team it will have to be tomorrow. to late and brain is to fried to use any other comp atm


Turn 1 will always be the best, and I’ve been toying with using a far save bitch instead of the flash threat… Offensive near save Gustav is my kryptonite so I don’t like using 1 range units much.

Also Spd/Vantage Leif? What fucking monstrosity is that?!

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jack of all treads
spd cuz it is free, def or res will not do me much, so if Im going to get a secound stat for free might aswell go for spd.
use dancers to take out melee, and vantage sweep the ranged units.
can go galeforce/H&R since B-slot is not relevant anyway for thous strats

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True. Maybe I rely on 2 shot too much with double DB/lull Atk/Def but hey… Has yet to fail me, even against bagel or Hecc.

You think Chrom would benefit from lull Spd/Def and Atk/Spd push 4? Gotta keep the qp seal for that Deadeye though.

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I tried it a couple of times, and it’s not that great compared to others you had. It can easily destroy anyone trying to tank but anything else, breaks way too easily. Here were two tries with two different teams that both ended up beating your defense.

Azura is way too easy to Isolate, too the point of which she is just dead weight, since a lot of people are going to have mila, especially since it’s her bonus week. And after you break the basic formation everything else crumbles apart as well. I recommend switching the heavy traps to make sniping Peony slightly harder, aside from disarm trap users. Aside from that I can’t say much that would majorly change your formation or units.

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I keep forgetting about Mila, and that whole defense hinges on Azura dancing Chrom.

Welp… How to change the corner cheese to counter Gustav then…


never needed the quad ether, but the lack of def/res makes it easier to reach WoM, and spd mitigation is not as strong VS me.

Don’t have L!Chrom so can’t say I speak from experience, but he basically have the same stats as my L!Leif, so might work. atleast if you can buf his spd a bit. will help against spd mitigation, even if it is rare to see nowdays. so probably better to not but if you already have it, might aswell try it if he don’t OHK consistently. not alot of spd needed to outspeed most tanks after all

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Kempf, Kempf is always the answer


But I had Nifl.

And saves turn that shit off.

Cuz saves are bullshit.

So I think I may have fixed it. Check it out.

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Have you considered GK instead of Veronica? He should help with the WoM strats (or so I’ve been told).

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I did… But he died shortly after his spark.