Retro Cup

For those that plan on participating in the Retro Cup what are your thoughts on the meta? Steel, Dark, and Fairy types are banned. That means Dragon Breath users will deal at least neutral damage so Dragons could see a lot of play but Froslass is looking to be an incredible safe swap. Hypno, as always, has good matchups in this cup.

Unfrotunately I don’t have a Froslass for GL (the only one I have is a 15/14/12) so I’ll likely utilizes Hypno as a safe switch. Crustle looks like an interesting pick as a Froslass counter that can also pressure Altaria or Alolan Marowak.

I wonder how often will I run into an XL Lickitung, Chansey or Regirock.

Those are cool, but Regirock is only available in a single research breakthrough and the other 2 are basically walk-a-thons.

Even though XL Lickitung is at the top of most of these cups you really don’t see many. You’ll likely see even less Chansey. Regirock isn’t bad in open Great League so you may see some in this cup. I’m expecting to see quite a few Talonflame as Froslass counters so a Regirock isn’t a bad choice to have on your team.

Can’t remember what I last used in retro, don’t remember liking the format that much but I’ll probably play it over ML anyways. Probably build something around Sableye to deal with at least one of Medicham, Hypno and A-Wak on every team. Maybe trot out Swagsire again because he’s fun.

I have no Deoxys-D eligible for GL, so seems like a normal cup setup for me

Sableye isn’t eligible due to its Dark typing.

Rrrrrighhtt lol… time for a new plan, equally fiendish yet perhaps slightly more thoroughly thought out.

And welcome

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What’s a meta? I’m gonna pull my usual use a couple wonky mons with one meta-ish pokemon and do a little dance when i win 3/5

That’s a tall order if you want one Pokemon good against all three. Drifblim can handle Medicham and Hypno (regardless of Hypno’s moveset) but not A-Wak. Haunter/Gengar can handle A-wak and Medicham but not Hypno. Gliscor can handle all three in the 2v2 but not the 1v1.

Jellicent can handle all three.

And then there’s the fairies that take over every restricted cup too, except without any steel. Golbat centred team again maybe, or time to finally power up my high ranking Qwilfish that has never come off the bench, try it out.

Honestly I’m having a bit of a lousy season for some reason, just can’t get on a roll. More experimenting with spice then usual as a result, which probably plays back into losing more then usual. Good experience though and interesting to try new mons.

Best GL Frillish I have so far ranks 153, maybe time to pull the trigger on a Jellicent…

It can but some of the matchups are still close and can turn if the opponent has an energy advantage.

No fairy either.

Basically there’s going to be Froslass/bulky psychics < normal types with lick/shadow claw < fighters with dragons sorta lurking as generalists. Other ghosts, rock types (Regirock is strong here!) and some other oddball Froslass counters (Litleo, Bibarel) will also be around.

I’m excited for it after the drag of UL.

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Oh and Talonflame will probably be everywhere with Froslass being so prominent.

I think I need a break from GBL lol

I thought it would be fun to see which Pokemon are eligible that know Steel Wing or Iron Tail for lulz against Froslass but all the Pokemon with either move are weak to Ice (except Mew) or in the case of Talonflame and Ho-Oh, already do well with a Fire type fast move.

I plan to use a 1500cp lickitung but it def took allot of walking

Im looking forward to timeout some people.