Returning but still new player looking for roster advice

Hello, I’ve played a little about year ago and considering upcoming engine update i decided to give FGO one more try since i love the franchise. I will be happy i someone will help me with which servants should I prioritize leveling.
From similar threads I have concluded that Arash, Spartacus, Medusa and Hans are good picks but still I would love your advice :slight_smile:

Only Atalante is at NP2 and most lower rarity servants are 4-5. (As new user I can only put one image)

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Ishtar is a great one for farming, quite easily taking down waves on her own
And in general just level your 5* as far as your materials allow.
The two lancers aren’t too impressive, but personal preference is Nezha.
And yeah Arash and Spartacus are amazing farmers while Hans is a great support.

In general I think you have a good core in your limited roster. A good assassin would be nice, but no priority.

Normally I’d recommend Archer Emiya, but with Ishtar that’s no priority.


Ishtar should be a priority because of her NP battery and various bells and whistles. One of the most versatile and powerful AoE Buster attackers.

Sanzang doesn’t look like much at first, but she’s incredible for many events since she has an enormous battery and fits in nicely for raid-style nodes and whenever a big HP sponge is awkwardly dropped in an otherwise multi-target node.


Would add that easy to use offencive casters aren’t easy to come by, so she fits a nice niche there.


Thank you both for quick reply!


This is definitely a really new account, and you don’t have any strong welfares to carry you either… Normally in threads like this I tend to go through classes one by one, but your roster is so new I think I should give basic start-out advice first.

  • Step 1: Most of the newer events require you to finish the final singularity of part 1, or even some of the Lostbelt chapters, so make getting as far as possible in the story your first goal. For that end, try to make friends with people who have Merlin, Waver, Heracles, or Cu Alter. The first two are the premiere supports in the game right now, the latter two will help you deal with bosses by allowing you to solo them. On the same note, try to make friends with people with a strong support list anyway, as their kitted out five stars can carry you through the early singularities.

  • Step 2: Raise your own support, meaning Hans and Shakespeare. The former is a general support with a lot of various buffs, the latter grants you access to a targetable battery skill and a buster buff, both of which are really useful.

  • Step 3: You need servants they can support, so try and level/ascend/skill up your gold servants as much as possible.

  • Step 4: Identify the holes in your roster, and plug them up. In your case, you have a pretty new account, so there are quite a few holes to patch up, so here’s a general outline:

    Artoria is okay as a beat-stick, especially in the early game, but she is going to get considerably better by getting a 30% battery later this year. You also need an ST saber, so I recommend raising Caesar.
    Ishtar is really good, and you should also raise Emiya, as their kits are compatible (read: use his NP to nuke a second wave, flood the field with crit stars, and then have Ishtar use those stars to do a ton of crit damage next turn). Other than them, it’s recommended to raise Arash (you might also want to grail him, as he brings a ton of utility to the table when farming), and Robin/Euryale (the former is a general boss-killer with a really powerful ST NP, the latter is an anti-male specialist who will help you a ton in Camelot). Also note that you can get Santa Altera during Christmas, but you need to finish Bablyonia by then, which should be perfectly doable by abusing friend supports.
    Neither of your lancers are particularly amazing, but they should work well together. Elizabeth is a support hybrid for females, while Nezha is a crit servant who really appreciates the buffs to deal meaningful damage. However, I would actually recommend focusing on FSN Cu and Jaguar Warrior first instead of Nezha. The former is going to receive an NP upgrade soon, and he has a very self-reliant kit (some people use him to solo bosses, but you shouldn’t really raise him for that), while the latter has very strong burst damage potential that you can use to kill early bosses with a combination of Elizabeth and a support Merlin.
    As I mentioned, Hans and Shakespeare. After that, Sanzang. Normally I would not recommend to raise her right away, as we are getting welfare Caster Shuten this year, who is going to do the same job with less material requirements, but I doubt you can finish the second Lostbelt chapter by Halloween, so you will probably only get her next year.
    You have no high rarities, and you missed Shiki, so you should focus on Hundred Faces as the next best and available thing. Other than that, raise Passionlip to cover your AOE Rider killing needs.
    You missed out on Kintoki, and you can’t get Ryouma this year because his event needs the completion of the final singularity. Ouch. That said, you are going to be able to get Rider Ishtar during this summer rerun, so go for her. Other than that, raise Ushikawamaru. She is really good, especially since you don’t have Ridertoki, who fills the same niche. If you get Rider Ishtar, Medusa is not a big priority, and you can get Ryouma next year.
    Focus on Spartacus. That 30% battery is really, really useful. You might even want to throw a grail or two on him to raise his damage ceiling. As for ST zerkers, normally I would recommend Lu Bu, but Berserker Jalter is just around the corner, and she will cover for you there. Also, there is going to be short event where you can get Bunyan. Get her too, she is good for the daily farming.
    Passionlip is really good, and she can help you out against Riders until you raise a strong Assassin. You can also get Mecha Eli around Halloween, who does the same, except being ST and dealing a ton of damage. More troubling is the fact that if you don’t finish the first Lostbelt chapter, you are going to permanently lose out on Ruler Quetzalcoatl. It is theoretically doable by abusing supports, soloing bosses, and following the walkthroughs on this site, but it might be a little taxing for a new account.

Other general tips:

  • Don’t burn Fous and low-rarity CE’s from the friend gacha. The former adds up over time (I maxed out a dozen or so secondary servants using one and two star Fous like that already), while the latter is useful for CE bombing. You can look up a guide on how to do that by Googling the term.
  • Don’t be shy to use apples to rush through the singularities. For a new account, the access to better farming areas, newer events, and just all the SQ you get out of them is far more important than stockpiling for lotteries.
  • On the same note, hard-core lottery farming is for mature accounts that can three-turn them with high efficiency. I recommend trying to open a dozen or so boxes for the skill gems and other goodies when they come around, but until your roster is fully leveled and you can do some 3T strategies, you should not focus too much on them, as they are just going to burn you out.
  • Try to get all the bronze and silver materials from event shops. Weirdly enough, due to how drop-rates and material requirements work, they are much more important than gold ones. Ideally you should try to empty the shops, but that might be a bit too taxing, so pick your battles.
  • Get the silver Fous from even shops and the monthly refilling Mana Prism shop. The 1000 extra health is nice, but it’s the 1000 extra attack that, due to the damage-formula of the game, make the biggest difference. It’s recommended that you use these on your farming servants first (eg. Arash, Spartacus, etc.), then the servants you use the most, and then your supports.
  • Don’t be afraid to grail some low level servants early on. Spartacus, Arash, Cu, and Hans really appreciate the extra stats, and they will help carry you through the early game. After that, you can give them to your favorites.
  • I recommend checking out G&A Reviews’ servant spotlight series on YouTube. Some of the older ones are slightly out of date, and there are a few later corrections he issued, but his videos are generally very solid when it comes to explaining a servant’s pros and cons and how to use them effectively.

That’s all from me. Have fun.


Thank you for reply, really appreciate the immense effort. I still have almost all farmable quartz to collect so I hope to fill some missing links this year. And as for getting Quetzalcoatl i don’t know if I will rise to the challenge but I will definitely have fun :)


@GabeZhul makes a lot of good points and as mentioned you can get far with just friend servants provided you pick wisely.
I’m halfway through Babylon on my alt using mostly Georgios, Avicebron and a suitable friend servant but I’m abusing a taunt CE to keep the support damage dealer alive long enough.
This approach is doable but I wouldn’t recommend this playstyle to start with as it as you don’t get a chance to learn when the difficulty starts to climb, skipping leveling servants will also make things harder like for instance events.

Most of what I could think of saying is already covered so I’ll just add that David, Georgios and Leonidas can be lifesavers for unexpected situations.
David can protect the entire team from one attack while Georgios and Leonidas can draw enemy attention.
Combined with the Combat Uniform it should be enough to buy a couple of turns or even saving the team from for instance enemy NPs.

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I want to reiterate how effective soloing bosses with Heracles can be. Prioritize unlocking the Atlas Academy mystic code, find a friend with Heracles equipped with his bond CE (Castle of Snow) and he will be able solo basically all of Part 1, and most of Part 2.

I don’t recommend using this as your primary strategy, but it is always available if there’s a boss that your servants just can’t handle, yet. As previous posters suggested, you’re going to want to prioritize getting through the Part 1 story chapters as quickly as possible for access to some very lucrative future events.

On the other hand, FGO isn’t really a difficult game, so it’s not vital you get every welfare servant. They are very good, but if blitzing the story isn’t fun for you, don’t worry too much. The game isn’t going anywhere, and there will always be another servant you can grab later that will serve the same purpose.

Don’t stress or burn yourself out, is all I’m saying. FGO is a marathon, not a sprint.


You are welcome. There are two more things I would recommend though regarding the gacha:
One: You might want to stockpile some SQ and try to roll for Skadi during the anniversary. She is a prime support Caster, and with your NP2 Atalante, you can form your own NP looping farming team with her, which will definitely make your life easier.
Two: As much as some people would say it’s a waste, you might want to try a few 30 SQ rolls on the story banner. The reason is that the story banner doesn’t have any event CEs in it, meaning you would have a considerably higher chance of getting some of the more important CEs in the game, such as 2030, Black Grail, and most vitally, Kaleidoscope.


Having run 3(!) NA accounts through the campaign so far, here’s a few things I tried to every time I made a new account:

  1. Add the most powerful (whale) rosters to your friend list you can find. Friend rosters that are stacked NP2+ 10/10/10 can carry you through the game like nothing else can. Bonus points if the dpses are 2k foued and level 100. Every map without a forced support should be treated as an opportunity to expand your friends list.

    a. As a side corollary, find as many maxed out friend Cu Alters (Berserker) as you can right at the start. 3-4+ should do. Cu Alter can dominate most maps on his own no matter what sort of weak team you’re running, so this is a big plus for newer rosters. After that, focus on adding Wavers and Merlins (Caster supports), then top-of-the-line single target (ST) DPSes for each class, then top-of-the-line Area-of-Effect (AOE).

  1. Try to finish Part 1 as soon as you can so you can participate in all events. To this end, there are two ways to speed through the campaign:
    a. Run solo bond 10 Hercules (I rarely did this myself) for boss fights.
    b. Run taunt lines featuring a whale DPS from your friends list (my preferred choice). For this, you’ll need to level up Mash, Georgios, and Leonidas, but even if you’re short on embers it’s doable. On both my alts, I squeezed by with those three at something like level 35/45/45, which is pretty weak – and they were my highest servants on the whole roster by the time I beat Solomon.

  2. Beyond that, level your favorite servants, and prioritize at least one ST/AOE DPS for each class. Here are some notables from your roster or upcoming free event servants:

Archer: Robin Hood (ST), Ishtar (AOE), Arash (AOE farming), David (party evade). Euryale (ST anti-male specialist). Atalanta will be pretty good later.
Saber: Caesar (ST), Artoria (AOE)
Lancer: Cu (ST), Elizabeth (AOE and support), Romulus (AOE).
Caster: Sanzang (ST), Avicebron (AOE). Hans for support, Shakespeare and Mozart are helpful as well.
Rider: Ushiwakamaru (ST), Ishtar Rider (AOE upcoming welfare).
Assassin: Hundred Faces (ST), Fuuma (AOE). Or just level up Passionlip for AOE.
Berserker: Jalter (ST upcoming welfare), Spartacus (AOE).

You can level DPSes more at your leisure if you learn to rely on friend list servants as your primary attacker in each battle. I’d focus more on Hans and other supports after mainstays like Mash (and Leo/George if running tauntlines).

  1. Save the bulk of your apples for lotto events in the fall and around Xmas, but don’t be afraid to use them to polish off events or story as needed, since we get a lot of them. This is a particularly good time to rush the story since main quests are further halved in AP cost. We’ll get another 1/4 AP campaign not too far in the future with the release of Lostbelt 2, so that’s another good time.

The lottos are by far the best way to develop your rosters; you can easily ascend half or even your entire roster during these events, provided you have the patience. And although max efficiency lineups are ideal, they’re by no means necessary – I farmed a hefty amount of boxes on my month-old main in Nerofest 2 years ago. But your mileage is going to vary a lot depending on your patience with grinding, so a developed roster is better.


Just adding this to be safe, but don’t forget to bind your acount ASAP before the update hits