Returning player lost in pvp


Hello there !
I’ve just gotten back into pogo, and i’m lost with pvp IV and pokemon tier.
I discovered that IV are much more complex in pvp and i’ve begun to scan my entire collection but i’m stuck with a question : i saved a lot of pokemon with great pvp IV but most of them are not fully evolved in the corresponding league or they are in the low tier of the league.
So should i prioritize league tier, pvp IV or both are very important ?

Tier is more important than IV. I have 34% g stunfisk (5/5 in GL) doing the job and is much better than my 100% muk (3/5). Watch out for XL requirements and legacy moves. Double moves are almost must have. Guys here recommend me meltan box - so if you don’t have it give it a try - meltan is solid for all leagues. Team synergy is also important. There are sites where you can see recommended teams or even have team builder. Also you can check YouTube there are plenty of helpful videos. It all depends how how high you want to climb. Good luck

Wow that was surprisingly complete and concise, thank you man.
Btw, i want to climb as high as possible, i think i’m around 17 but one step at a time :)

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Check the pvpoke website. It’s a rough estimate how good mons are. IVs account for not more than 5 points. E.g. Azumarill XL with perfect IVs has 94 points, even a very weak 15/0/0 has not less than 89 points. So, IVs are not very important. Two moves are sometimes important, in the case of Azumarill highly; you need both moves for coverage. Other mons, such as altaria, mainly need one bread and butter move anyway, so a second move is not utterly important. Of course, team composition is most important. A team of three great water mons will often fail, but a team of complementary, mediocre mons will be ok.

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Ok, thanks for the complement !

I can’t really improve on the above, although I’m in a similar position. I’ve been playing solidly since 2017 but only just started PvP a couple of months ago. I binned everything that wasn’t good for PvE up to then. I found it helped to focus on a couple of leagues, building a team for the more accessible leagues first, rather than having 5 or 6 half-baked teams.

Since you are guy who understands IV better than me I would like to ask you how significant is difference between hundo digersby with stat 51,2% (lvl 39,5) and let’s say XL digersby with stat above 95%. Thanks for response in advance

Here’s the comparison you were looking for (pulled from Battle | PvPoke which I can’t recommend enough). The difference is moderate:

You lose 4 HP and 8 Def but gain 4 Attack. Won’t likely make a difference in CMP except in the mirror and the difference in bulk is a dip in about 5%.
Looks like it might matter even less on some of the more “glassy” 'mon (attack-weighted):

Gain 3 Attack, losing 2 Def and 2 HP which works out to a 2% dip in bulk (note that a true :100: Haunter actually has 1 less attack and only hits CP1486). IVs are definitely not something to lose sleep over. Get one with a decent spread as close to the cap as you can get and make sure you know how to use it, that matters most.

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@captpepperjack already went into the stats and summarized it neatly. It just wanna point out one more thing from pvpoke to compare two or more IV variants:

Team builder, where you can put up to six different mons (can also be one species with different IVs). This is vs the top 20, but when you scroll down there are also the worst threats and some other graphs. Note that it’s a one shield scenario where the fire punch bait always works. In reality, diggersby is worse than this number of wins look like!

1st one is a near perfect lvl 48, 2nd is a medium lvl 40 and on the right is a bad one, at only 1428 CP due to e.g. not enough resources at lvl 38. You note there is not too much difference, but with the bad one you lose some matches (e.g. skarmory). Be aware though, that these sims are against near-perfect mons! In reality, especially in the lower ranks, you won’t face these a lot. In the end, you’ll lose maybe one match a day due to IVs if they are not very good. But in the end of course you want the best… I’d go for decent ones at least in the best 40 percent, in the case of XL, maybe best 50 percent (personally, i won’t go for a lvl 46-50 diggersby, cause the resources scare me off) As said above, focus on some maybe four or five mons of the top pvpoke 50 with decent IVs which make up a good team and might be used in other cups as well. Most importantly, make up a strategy! When to switch/instaswitch, what you do when the opponent switches into a counter of your switch and so on. You might also wanna look into the meta at

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