Returning player, lost with team building

Just got back to the game because of the update (and Black Rosé) and after getting shafted countless times, i don’t know which team should i start to soul boost and use until i get something better, so a little help would be appreciated!

You can go for 3 different teams:

God Ki team:
Core: Goku Black Rosé, EX Whis and EX Beerus
Bench: God Goku, God Vegeta and EX Raditz.
(You can switch everyone from core to bench and vice-versa in some battles).

Son Family Team:
Core: SSJ Goten -Purple-, Ultimate Gohan and God Goku
Bench: SSJ Goten -Green-, SSJ Trunks -Red- and EX Goku.

Lineage of Evil/Frieza Force Team:
Core: Golden Frieza, Final Form Cooler and Chilled
Bench: Metal Cooler, Scouter Vegeta -Purple- and Ginyu Goku (You can put him on the core).