Returning player needs help/guidance!

as title says, im a returning player who stopped playing when Kris & Croconaw came out (could’ve been a bit later, if my memory’s wrong).
anyways, any help with team composition, characters i should be summoning for/leveling (even though im f2p…) and any new mechanics introduced in the game would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance!

(i can only attach one image as a person who made an account just for this post but assume that i have every free character from the story up until chapter 18)

Finish the rest of the story mode first. Torchic is a great support unit for a lot of strikers.

Also, the levels for all sync pairs have been upped by 5, just a reminder.

For team comps…looks like it’s a bit tough considering how much you’ve missed. However, Blue and Karen are a great start, and you have Phoebe as well, so you should be ok. You probably want 2 supports/1 striker teams with lower levelled sync pairs, and you might want to train Hau and Flint as both are really good pairs for someone without much good strikers like you. Not saying Blue, Karen and Olivia are bad, but you always want more strikers to cover certain stage layouts (e.g. Blue and Karen wouldn’t do too well against stages where AOE is not preferred, Olivia doesn’t do well against those with strong special attacks).

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Since you’ve got Lycanroc & Dusclops, there’s nothing else I can say.
It’s up to you to believe, but before they released Cynthia, I never rolled anything after my long attempt to reroll in the beginning aiming for Dusclops & Lycanroc.
I did literally beat every content pre-battle villa brute forcing with Serperior, Dusclops, & Lycanroc.(except for the last stage of Solgaleo event i think, can’t reach the minimum strength with those three). Some stage might be harder than the other, but it’s totally possible.
You can start with those three for a solid start and then start training other mons needed for battle villa(the bonus is no one will really complaining in co-op if you use Lycanroc & Dusknoir)

For battle villa, on the other hand you should try rolling for Cynthia & Red when they return. None of the mons you have now have ‘superb’ performance in battle villa(yes, even Lycanroc & Dusknoir) , except for Pikachu & Swanna(you need to activate their grid though), maybe Torkoal, Crobat, & Masquerain for some stage(again, grid need to be active)

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