Returning Player needs help with Idunn IVs



Hello everyone,

after a longish break I came back to this game and still need to get used to the new Gamepress layout (so forgive me if this isn’t the right place to post or if such question should even be posted at all).
I was lucky enough to pull 3 Idunns, seeing as she really complements my armor team and would probably use her during Enemy Phases .
Now I’m faced with the decision which of the three options to chose which IV. For that matter what is better, a good bane or boon?

Option 1: +Hp/-Spd
Option 2: +Def/-Hp
Option 3: +Atk/-Hp

I’m rather torn which one to “raise” so to speak. Is the Def superboon that desirable to dump her hp? Or should I rather go the “safe” route with +Hp/-Spd?
Also, how much of an impact would it have on her survivability if I gave her DC instead of her inate A-skill? Is it even recommendable anymore?
Sadly, I’ve become too unfamiliar with the current stat and unit ‘meta’ to know at what the stat thresholds are for a stat to become usable. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance :)


Either option 2 or 3. Pick which boon you want, personally I’d go with +def. Banes don’t matter once you merge her.


atk-helps give edge over halloween myrrh