Returning player needs some help/tips

Hello, i used to play the game from start of na to cc event and stopped due storage reasons, now finally able to play it again and need some guidance like which character combos are good or is there any event requires story progression (havent started 6) .
Saw hoshiguma on rate-up so rolled for her and got aak, should i get him to e2 or raise any other servants? (Was gonna max level hoshiguma and executor)

Here are my existing characters by order.

by level

by rarity


I’d E2 Specter first, followed by Ptilopsis. Specter is pretty amazing, and will fill an important gap on your roster, and Ptilopsis helps charge skills faster, which is always welcome. Aak is too situational, so I would not hurry him, unless you really hate 6*s that aren’t E2’d.

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Those are my recommendations, heavily based on their daily usage and versatility.
They will be your stepping-stone for now and even future circumstances, from my point of view at least.

The priority would be
Green, da best
Blue, Optional
Vertical Blue, option of optional

Avoid Red, bad route
Not mentioned? Don’t bother.

Another version of interpretation
My judgement start from what you currently have, and their Tier, 6* are the safe zone so they wouldn’t be neglected later or easily replaced.

That’s why the Blue exist, assuming what you have now, it is still safe to rely on the most capable 5*, the green one.

But there are few irreplaceable 4* such as
Myrtle and Gravel, they should be treated as priority due to their high performance.

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Welcome back. :catwave:

I second the above recommendations.

Spectre will fill the role of a strong and sustainable melee DPS that you currently lack.

Ptilopsis would help fill a more supportive role, not to mention her S2 is a great for AoE burst healing.

I also recommend raising another AA Sniper. Kroos is great as a stand in but on higher risks in CC, and in certain other maps, you’ll want stronger ones. BP is great for her multi-targeting (and the extra Arts poison doesn’t hurt). Meteor’s DEF debuff is great as well as it helps kill drones faster, especially the high DEF ones.

Asides from that, for the most part you have a balanced enough roster among the raised ops that you can focus on more specialized or niche roles to help support the main team, or to fill a role in specific situations.

Aak, Warfarin, and Sora for ATK buffing. Though Aak does have other useful niches besides his S3 buffing.

Liskarm has been a long-standing support Defender with her SP charging so she can help give any ops near her with their skill uptimes.

As for story-locked events, I don’t remember there being any. At most, 2-10 is the minimum for some like CC, but nothing on the higher end like how some events are LB-locked in FGO.

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I’d would’ve agreed with this until I saw BP on red. Just this alone has shown me you underestimate the power of BP. Looking at the list another ST sniper would be helpful, and seeing they have Exusiai as one, BP would be really good for another, having a really good dps and ontop of that arts Poison which can even take on high defense enemies. With her skill 1 m3’d she can do some great damage as well as allowing her to hit 2 enemies at the same time with an increased damage %. Yes I simp for BP, and your red line on her is the same as calling her trash to me, so of course to defend her reputation, I gotta say something.


Hahahah, I knew this is gonna happen sooner or later,
cheers mate… I mean no harm,
I have my own reasons

  1. Based on his/her circumstances, raising another sniper wouldn’t be a good move for now
  2. I know her capabilities, I don’t underestimate BP, just setting out priorities.
  3. There are more but its just heavily based on 2 reasons above, lets just end it here.

I’m judging on performance and efficiency, while establishing several safety precautions for the upcoming days. with 0% simp behaviour, no fancy theories, trying my best to keep it real.

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Sure they have E2 Exusiai, maybe another anti-air sniper isn’t an immediate priority. But you marked Meteor as blue and BP is way better than her.

Like there’s E2 Siege and E2 Zima and E2 Myrtle and E1 max Texas, and you’re still recommending to build Courier as a 5th vanguard more than you recommend building BP as a 2nd sniper. That doesn’t seem right.


Yeah, on the second thought
Some marking need to be reevaluated
I beg your pardon if there were any misunderstanding.
But i will leave it up for the audiences.

Thanks for participating in this discussion.
Hope the others could take for what is worth.

Regarding Meteor, on my experience, Meteor still got her value up to the latest Kazimierz event, And thats not even an E2.
Her armor reduce is still reliable. Cheap but deadly.

Another mention for May, we can’t take her damage for challenging content, but she still got those reliable utility, low cost Sniper with Slow and Stun.
Shine bright as the Duck Slayer from the last Fungi Mist event.

Now on the other side, In my point of view,
just like Skadi’s case, even Exia is loosing her value lately, Up to the latest patch, we got more variables, such as enemies type and how to deal with them.
Gotta admit, she’s not as reliable as she used to on early days, but still… better to have one, because those swarm and mage type still exist.

As for BP… Its also hard decision on me, I still remember the time when the rock golem rule the day,
At Twilight of Wolumunde event, helps a lot and she’s one of the best of what i have that time.

But now, as I stated before, even Exia were loosing her value,
thats even more for BP, to put it simple… we got Thorns. Thats the main problem, the Sniper department got outsourced.
All hail to The Almighty Ground Sniper.

Last but not least, from my side of view, only Platinum and Schwarz still have consistent value.

For Courier’s issue, yeah you could skip him.
But I remember my early days, and some people might already had build him high enough, for whatever reasons.

But personally that’s okay, Because I always thought… "Vanguardknights " will always have value than the rest “one role team”, they just can’t be that efficient. And always lacking in here and there.

And lately, with the addition of SnekGundam, Blem and Mudrock, now I consider “Defenderknights” as another option, as proven on this latest Cynder CC, i reckon there are some obvious reasons.

I’m not really sure myself, I’m afraid this could be an “Ifrit’s Tile Phenomenon”, where once you put the favor on her, your mind will find the least possible way to put her on stage, for whatever reasons.

I’ll end my part here.


Priorities: Texas, Specter , Silence, Gummy

Nice to Promote: Astesia since it seems you don’t have Surtr yet she’s a nice replacement , Istina (Angelina won’t auto attack when you use her S2 and S3 which Istina can fill rather easily), Gavial because her heal range differs from Perfumer and her skills are very nice, Meteorite is also a nice unit because she has a massive AOE range

Nice character combo: Liskarm + Flamebringer could work because her passive basically fills SP bar each time she gets hit which Flamebringer massively benefits from for his S2 also like Zima/Courier/Siege + Myrtle to fill DP quickly

The only story progression unit you need is Amiya being E2ed which you’ve already done to progress through the main story and unlock her Guard form

also it seems you’re lacking Healing Defender but Gummy should be fine until you get Saria/Blemishine so your priority should be leveling and promoting Specter and Astesia because Lappland and Skadi aren’t enough imo

P.S don’t be blinded by rarities there are a lot of times you’ll find 4* and 3* operators better than most 5* and 6* operators

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I might be late for this but I just want to point out that leveling your e2 operators to high levels isn’t really all that necessary and costs a ton of resources. It is something that I am currently doing just for the fun of it (but I haven’t taken any breaks and my account has plenty of core operators leveled up) but at you stage I would probably settle for something like e2 lv 20-40 and then focus on m3 any important skills (like eyjafalla s2 and s3) and leveling up other operators.

I would leave all your six stars as is. Aak is a very situational character in that you need to invest a lot into setting up a team to properly use his s3 and Skadi has been power crept pretty hard. The other six stars are more than leveled to the point where you can leave them as is. If you want you might invest another 10 levels into Skadi but that should be enough.

For five stars Lappland and Nearl were great choices though again I think you over invested into Lappland considering the current state of your account.

Vanguards: Zima is a pretty good choice too Texas might be preferable in some situation but honestly I wouldn’t invest into her at this point since you have Zima and Siege at e2 and that should be more than enough for now. Comeback for Texas later. Myrtle was a good investment. Vigna can have some nice uses in certain situations you can optionally come back for her later. Drop Grani you don’t really need them for now you can come back for them later.

Defenders: Hoshiguma is a great choice and so was Nearl these are great investment and you can keep them as is. In the future Liskarm is a great unit as well given that she can function as an sp battery for an adjacent ally. Cuora also has some niche uses with her s2 to as well. Consider coming back for these two units later. Gummy isn’t bad either as there are some stages where you do have to rely on healing defenders because medics are band or cost triple but this isn’t something that happens often. Consider coming back for her later.

Guards: We discussed Skadi and Lappland already. Astesia is a solid guard and having an arts guard is nice but isn’t really needed for most content. I would level her later. Mousse competes for the same spot as Astesia so would drop her at least for now. Specter over Savage easily her s2 has some niche uses as well but since she is you strongest aoe guard I would make leveling her a priority.

Snipers: Exusiai was a good investment. I recommend two anti-aerial snipers so level up Blue Poison. Meteorite isn’t bad but honestly aoe snipers aren’t really needed so I would hold on her. I would also hold on Firewatch as well not a bad unit but not something I would consider “core/central” to a team. Come back for Meteorite later and optionally for Firewatch too. You don’t really need Shirayuki (honestly would have preferred to have BP leveled up, but her s2 does have some uses). Drop Meteor as you usually don’t need 3 anti-aerial snipers and BP is stronger.

Specialists: We talked about Aak already I would drop him for now. FEater has some niche uses with her m3 e1 but honestly you won’t really need it most of the time you can hold off on her for now, but come back for her later as she is good. Shaw competes with FEater for a spot. I would personally drop for now. Fast redeploy operators I think are quite useful in more situations though so Red was a good investment and I think Gravel is someone should come back for later. Neither is bad per se but they aren’t really needed either. Ethan does have some uses but hold on him for now. Cliffheart has uses depending on the map and you should come back for her later.

Medics: Ptilopsis is a great choice for getting to e2 and honestly I would have preferred an e2 Silence over Warfarin but for now leave her as is. You should come around back to her later. Ditch the 4 star medics you don’t really need them anymore.

Support: Angelina is a great unit good investment. You don’t need Istina since you have Angelina you can comeback for her later if you want. Meyer and Sora aren’t really bad units but they aren’t really core units to level up either. I would hold off on them for now and optionally come back for them later.

Casters: Eyjafalla I think is the best operator in the game she was a good investment. Amiya isn’t a bad investment either. Skyfire can be dropped as Eyjafjalla kind of functions as an aoe caster every now and then with s2.

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Finally made nun e2 lvl 20. Got shining from gacha so should i e2 her or focus on other targets first?

Hold off on her. In most situations she is worse than someone like Silence. She does have some niche uses in making your operators tankier which has some uses in maps that reduce physical damage or maps where there are particularly hard hitting enemies. Most of the time you won’t need her though.

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