Returning #Uberwhale Looking to fill out Flist again

Looking for Whale friends with Mlb ce’s… Just got back to the game to see some of my top friends have abandoned me. Vacation + covid without mobile device…

Usually super active… not surprising considering the $ I have spent. lololol

Generally I’ll roll enough every event for 1-2 mlb copies 4-5* …

Lets get this party started…

Zanyab where art thou!?
Catharsis ?
I can’t remember other peoples names.

You can always try the FGO Friend/Support List Megathread

Rumor has it that leviathan class players lurk in there.

Not a whale but a slightly pretty dolphin if you want something in the roster:


aha, you are friend kapped; kappa

oof should be good now… let me know your name so I can make sure not to delete lmao.