Rhodes Island S.T.A.R.S. (Is this Team good?)


I always wanted to create a “Specialist, Tactics And Rescue Squad” in Arknights! A Team specialized in throwing people off cliffs or buildings! :fgo_buster:

(I guess i did get influenced by the Manga and Anime High Rise Invasion . . . https://youtu.be/hVzG_1yI62M )

So i built my own “Boop!”


and “Get over here!”



And so i was wondering, is it any good?

It doesn’t have much Dmg because It’s main focus lies in instant killing opponents with the help of terrain and in stalling special targets to make sure they get snatched or pushed!
I even added Angelina to make some heavy fat ass opponents into lighter prey! :feh_edelsmug:

Thanks a million for any answers! :fgo_ishtarwink:

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0/10 no FEater


I want her! As soon as she appears i will hunt her down! :fgo_okitacry:

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She’s so good!!

She has my heart


I’m still waiting since months for her to appear on a banner! :fgo_ishtarunimpressed:

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I just got her off-focus

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Looking at your profile picture, i see you’re a man of culture as well!



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Though I might try to find an FEater Pfp because I love her

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Like this?



Yah thanks so much!

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Croissant pushes people too

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Oh! Really??? Neat! I need to get her! :fgo_mordredsmile:

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Yo… Mixing them would be fun
I thought it’s all shifter team in the first place

But keep in mind, just use them to add some spice
Don’t forget to properly build a basic solid team

First step would be spread the level of mainly used ops atleast E1L50~60

If there are some ops with high rarity as your target but still didn’t come to you, use your 3* E1L55 to compensate for a while, they are cheap and reliable.

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Well, it’s more like I focus this team mainly on Shifting and less on Dmg!

But in exchange i can’t use that Team everywhere!

Only on Map’s where I can kill at least 80% of all opponents whit this method! :fgo_mordredthink:

Unfortunately that’s not many maps :feh_elisad:

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I know! It’s such a shame! I love those maps! :fgo_pout:

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If you have passion in this strat, just save it for later.

When your solid team is ready, going even further and clearing event map or maybe challenged map,
would be easier, thus getting all precious mats for…

Building your fun team.

My Main Team is pretty good since i got W :fgo_ishtarwink:
And Ifrit! :fgo_ereshwoah: