Rhydon Solo Raid

I’ve finally done it! After months trying to beat it in sunny weather (Which is impossible at the time) I managed to make the solo in rain!

It was painful. As usual, the amount of resources to make the solo possible are ridiculous. You can skip to 1:15 to see the raid. Enjoy :smiley:


Well done!

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Thank you! :smiley:

Fantastic! Two questions:

  1. Do you think the Best Buddy boost was the crucial difference that made the solo possible? (Perhaps those guides were written before the new buddy system.)
  2. Do you think that Kingler would be viable for this solo?

Thank you for watching the video. As for your questions:

1.- The Buddy Boost helped me to get ahead of the clock for sure. But keep on mind Mud-Slap/Eartquake it’s the hardest set to solo, so in that case and with Stone Edge sets Buddy Boost is required. For the Surf one you don’t need it.

2.- Kingler is also viable for this solo, but I’ll recommend using one as a lead. Kingler racks up damage a little bit faster than Kyogre does, but it lasts almost half time. Shadow Swampert (w/HydroCannon) and Shadow Gyarados are both better options than Kingler.

Great victory, thanks for sharing this video with us :+1: :+1: :+1:

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Thank you for watching!

I haven’t tried to do something that I could barely do in a while…had to do a raid bc only 9 out of 15 finished. Windy here and no Reshirams at gyms accessible by car. I thought A-Marowak might not be that tough…tried and failed to duo when it first came out…but way easier now. It had Flame Wheel and inconsequential fast move.

15 minutes on clock, took me 3 times and each time within a second. No empty party and thought first two times clock stopped early by 1 or 2 seconds. That last one I did all Kyogre on my main. Mistake on the 2nd phone having Palkia go for a while, but 2 windy Mewtwo and a Kyogre got back on track.

TbH I still see red, might have just given it to me because I was giving a good effort and the raid timer expired