Rhyperior - Rock Wrecker

Seems replica of weaker version of Blast Burn at first glance. Faster damage window but longer cooldown. Still unable to touch the DPS of Rampardos but quite promising. Personally I am glad that it won the poll against Vulpix and Co.

What’s your thought on this move?

I will wait for pokebattler simulations scenarios to be released…but it currently doesn’t seem to appealing to me.

I was hoping for a Kingler-Kyogre scenario in which even though Kingler have more dps Kyogre Tdo make it do more damage in the end, but it doesn’t seems this will happen with Rampardos-Rhyperior.

Slow moves, even in two bars, are usually so bad, remember Psy strike Mewtwo before the move update?. I wish Rock Wrecker will be more similar to Frenzy Plant than to Blast burn.

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I’m personally a fan of the move. It’s fairly slow, but not obscenely so. The move parameters fall in-between Blast Burn and Outrage, which isn’t a bad place to be at all. It also has much better flexibility compared to Stone Edge, since it deals more damage and costs half as much energy. And since Rhyperior is fairly bulky, it can afford to soak hits better than other Mons with slower moves.


The damage window is reasonable. Main issue lies on the cooldown (3.6s) which is the same as Earthquake, gives the opponent potential chance to retaliate (provided that it survives the first attack).

Doesn’t look that bad to me. Rampardos for DPS and then Rhyperior and Terrakion for not having to rejoin with still good DPS.


It would have been hard-pressed to surpass (or even get close to) Rampardos for Rock-type DPS, given the huge difference in ATK, but it’s a solid second place with great TDO.

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Coming in second place just means you were the first person to lose…

It allows you to be more versatile with resistences if you’re willing to put in the effort for terrakion depending on match ups. Rhyperior does well with the genies due to its resistence to flying type attacks as well as a double resistence to electric.

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it still ranks higher in DPS^3*TDO

Barely, I trust more pokebattler simulations, but been a slow move doesn’t give me to much hope.

When Blaziken’s Blaze kick was datamine, it was weaker than blast burn, but because of its speed Blaze kick was shown to been stronger on the simulations(and also because blast burn is so slow…while rock wrecker will be even slower) .

Blaziken is also made of tissue paper so the speed makes sense on blaze kick. The overall bulk of rhyperior makes up for the slow cooldown.


Exactly. And I love being versatile. I know having teams of 6 #1 counters is the best option, but I always prefer a more versatile team. It’s easier to pick, because it’s versatility makes it good enough against every moveset. Also to me it’s just more fun to have a versatile team then a party of 6 the same Pokémon. Only disadvantage of this versatility is that short man challenges are hard/undoable due to this choice. But I can live with that.


In PvE, we either all win or all lose. We have a mon that really does it’s share here.


definitely. and against thundurus, RW rhyperior will be the optimal counter over rampardos due to double resistence against electric.

I agree with your thinking, assuming that the Rock Wrecker stats used are the actual ones we will see on Rhydon CD. I think most people replying here are missing the big picture. If WR Rhyperior is indeed better than SD/SE Tyranitar than it will be a widely used Mon … most of us use SD/SE Tyrannitar a lot since everyone has a team of high level TTars.

Gotta disagree here. Take Cranidos and Rhyperior (with Rock Wrecker) into a raid where rock does well. Cranidos goes down in a bit more than half the time that Rhyperior does. Sure, it does better damage over that time, and if you totally want to short man a raid, 6 Cranidos is the way to go, or possibly 5 Cranidos and a Rhyperior at the end, but for general use, Rhyperior is vastly superior to Cranidos.



You put too much emphasis on DPS and not enough on TDO. Let’s keep it simple and look at a raid boss with 150 HP. A Rampardos can do 100 damage in 1 second and then die. It’s DPS was 100 and it’s TDO was 100 and it didn’t kill the boss. A Rhyperior can do 150 damage in 2 seconds and then die. It’s DPS is 75, it’s TDO is 150, and it killed the boss. Who’s the loser?


As I say before I will wait for pokebattler simulation, what you say may be true, but for example Mamoswine is the best ice attacker with double resistance to electric, and still lose to Rampardos against Thundurus with electric moves.

How Rampardos is the way to go in short man raids and Rhyperior is superior for general use?, If Rhyperior, for example, end been better against electric moves as stated above then I will agree, but for now I wouldn’t say that it will be “superior”.

I take on account the TDO, but Gamepress damage result usually don’t take on account that the pkm dies before delivered the charge move because it is very slow. If I remember well before gen 5, Magnezone appears as the best option (taking dps and Tdo) against Blizzard Kyogre, but in pokebattler Raikou took the crown, and not by a little margen.

It’s not even close. Mamoswine is still more optimal.

And against thundurus w/ only electric type attacks, it dwarfs rampardos in DPS^3*TDO

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