Riddle me this

How come Laegjarn can wear helmets with those big ass horns on her head?


bigger question

why do those helmets look exactly the same


one is purple, one is blue


What if the horns are just a headpiece and she takes them off in order to wear the helmet

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they look exactly the same

i’m literally trying to tell them apart, and i can’t

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that’s clearly not the case as you can still see the horns poking out

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Wait that means she actually has horns
What da heck

zoom in, the upper one is the purple one and the bottom one is the blue one

oh fuck wait i see it

that’s so dumb

it’s only the accents

that’s literally the dumbest accessory i’ve ever seen

laegjarn new demon waifu??


I also feel like the purple one looks slightly whiter/newer but I might be imagining it

She cuts holes in the helmet for her royal headgear obviously… I mean If Nephenee can wear 2 helments why can’t a princess fo Muspell?

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2 helmets is meme while horns going through the helmet is stupid, but because of you I’m gonna take it that she has really sharp horns which creates holes in her helmets for her horns now