Rider help

Hello, im quite new and would like to ask you guys suggestion on who should i focus on.

Ushiwakamaru- np5 skill 1/1/1
Astolfo- np1 skill 1/1/1
Anne bony and mary reed- np1 skill 1/1/1

I dont have the materials to skill up and only have the bare minimum so sorry.

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Ushi and Astolfo will cover your ST and AoE needs quite well.


Normal nuke Ushi, Aoe and farmer Astolfo,situatinal hyper nuke Anna

All three not bad servants…

Ushiwaka got good ST damage 100k++ for NP5
Astolfo got NP battery for farming but as usual Quick AOE low damage.
Anne and Mary is Nuker if you manage to get them to very low HP.


Note that we also have the welfare Sakamoto coming up, eta June. He’s ST arts with skills like discount ozy (charisma, 10% team charge, team arts+star bomb).

Mary was one of my first servant. She does decent damage, but I never tried to drain hp on purpose for the bonus. However I found her slow to build np charge, and her skills as 1 turn duration is kind of a downer for me. With my current diverse roster, she doesn’t see action anymore.

Ushi’s np is quite respectable, plus is a team player with charisma and np gain up. I might recommend her over Mary.

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Can I ask how far into the game you are?

If you can only raise one atm, and are still working your way through the first seven sigularities you should focus on Ushi.

Ushi is a HARD HITTING single target rider, and those are probably the single most valuable type of servant for clearing the story. Many of the bosses you will face will be ???* class and they are strong against knight classes (Saber/Archer/Lancer) and weak to calvary classes (Caster/Rider/Assassin) and beserker classes.

Further, all Casters and Assassins have a 0.9 attack modifier (meaning they can only hit for 90% of their attack power) and most of them are weak hitting support servants. So you, if your roster is weak you will want a hard hitting Single target rider.

Now, if your roster is pretty strong and/or you are done with part 1 of the story then you would most likely benefit from raising Astolfo instead.

By this point you are probably farming more than you are worrying about finishing the story and Astolfo has a an AoE NP and a 50% battery…the perfect farmer. He will help you farm QP during the 40 AP doors in particular.

Seeing as your servants are all 1/1/1 and you claim to be new I am willing to bet that Ushi will be the best investment for you currently. But, when you do get mats to spare throw some statues Astolfo’s way.

They are both good servants worth raising.

* spoilers

The first few ??? class servants are BEAST I servants. They are a part of Goetia/Beast I the final boss after you beat the seven singularities


Im just starting in london. Thank you for your extensive and detailed explanation. Im definitely going to my best to max ushi now.

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I got a friend spot open if you would like a dolphin support.

Ohhh i didnt know that hes welfare! Ill try to get him and max ushi too.

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Do note that the event Sakamato is part of, Gudaguda 3, does require that you finish Part 1.


All my hopes and dreams crushed. Haahhahahahhaha
I have 2 months to fisnish part 1.


Trust me, you can beat the entirety of the first arc with friend supports, and you can beat it in less than a month if you’re really dedicated. Hell, I did it in a week and a half! Let me know if you would like a decent support list from me! And. . . I concur with the person that said you should raise Ushi. She is AMAZING, and helped me lots in hard fights. I wish you luck!


If you ever have another spot open, please let me know!

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But then where is the fun of the game? And where is the happiness of have a debeloped roster?

I enjoyed the game playing with support servants because it isn’t a fight game, it’s a visual novel with the gaming included. I cried during the entirety of Babylonia and I cried when I finished the first arc as well.

We all enjoy things differently.

Edit: plus the game doesn’t end in arc one ;) More Lostbelts incoming + EoR.

I love the story of Fgo but i also like the gameplay,i mean Fgo is one of the funniest gachas to play,then why he would doesn’t enjoy the little gameplay sections of the story?

And LB and EoR are going to kick his ass if he don’t debelopment his roster and learn how to use them

Am I making a suggestion or am I forcing them to do what I am saying? They are free to do as they please. Please don’t assume I am forcing my views onto someone, I merely said that, if they want to get Ryouma, they can rush the story. That is about it.

May i ask whats eor?

Epic of remenat, part 1.5 simble,you aren’t forced to do it
And Salem