Right at the finish line! Blessed be. Pretty much thee luckiest I've ever been in this

Just now before 11 hit, right at the very last minutes of the Igrene/Desert Guardians banner. I go for it aiming for Igrene & Echidna and one by one…

Literally all in a row :fire:

All within just 50 orbs spent total :pray:

'Could :clap: not :clap: believe it. I must’a entered the Dream Realm forreal :cyclone: :star2: Happy Book IV day! Aha! :raised_hands: :sparkles: :confetti_ball:


All new to me too! :tada:

Even crazier…
Karla & Hinoka were 2 separate circles, but Igrene & Echidna :eyes: :fire:

The circle right after :boom: :sparkles:


I think the cherry on top was this though :ok_hand: :sparkling_heart: :fire:

Blessed be the IVs! :sob: :raised_hands: :sparkles:



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As for the rest of 'em:

Echidna = +spd/-atk (I like it. I can work with that :ok_hand::sparkles: )

Karla = +atk/-res (Yes! Noice! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! Praise be! :fist: :fire: )

(BSW) Hinoka = -spd/+def ( :upside_down_face: okay… :cloud_with_rain: aha… save for merge and hope for better next time around? :’) aha … ] Can’t have all the cake, I guess :sweat_smile: aha…

Good for now :pray: Content, relieved & relaxed either way :relieved: :pray::sparkles:


I guess this is justice for after me spending 160 orbs trying to get Tethys and ending up with nothing, the banner ending & then her getting demoted right after x_x :cloud_with_rain:


Congrats !
I see we was pitybroken by the same unit(karla):eyes:

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Those are some great pulls !!! That Igrene leaves me pretty jealous ngl.

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It must be a sign :eyes:

I hear you Mareeta!! :raised_hands::sparkles::fire::heart:

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I seriously could not believe it, aha :sob: :sparkling_heart:

There’s the 1st hurdle of the summon itself and then seeing I got blessed past the 2nd hurdle of her IVs, I could not fathom, aha! :sweat_smile::sparkles:

I’ve been having the worst luck recently too. Along with the 160 orbs for no Tethys I also had been crushed previously by trying

  • 60 orbs for no Sword Lyn ( ._.)
  • 210 orbs for no V! Catria :sob: :broken_heart: (that one really hurt)
  • 80 orbs for no Brave Veronica but trolled with 3 Mufasas in the same circle! ( x_x) :cloud_with_rain:

I worked so hard for those orbs doing Lunatic Chain Challenges too :sob:

so all this rained down at once is like the best day ever, aha :pray: :confetti_ball: