RIIC Base Composition


Need your opinion about my RIIC Base, currently I use 2-4-3 options:

  • 2 Power Plant: 2 x Lv.3
  • 4 Factory: 3 x Lv. 3, 1 x Lv. 2 (2 Factories with Lv. 3 are produce Exp Card, rest are gold)
  • 3 Trade Center: 3 x Lv. 2

After some times I feel these settings were sufficient, I rarely low on gold since I got gold from daily, weekly, certificate. My question is will my output increase a lot when I go for 3-3-3 with all factories and Trade center Lv. 3? Current settings give me around 29-30k Exp + 40-41k LMD

Hello, 3-4-2 user here.
I use 3-4-2 a lot because of the fourth dormitory, making morale management easier on my part since I only look at base twice a day, and you can pretty much max out the base.

Resource-wise, 3-4-2 (3 gold 1 exp) gives you around 9k-11k EXP and produce around 80-90 amount of pure gold. LMD wise, my 2 trading posts can produce 40k - 45k LMD. All of them are at lv 3.

I think 3-3-3 really burns out your gold very fast, since I usually spend all my drone getting those order faster. I do not recall how much LMD will be produced per day, but it should be around 55k-60k. Usually, I switch my trading post and factory number depending on my pure gold left in storage. (Switching to 3-4-2 at <40 pure gold and 3-3-3 at >400 pure gold)

I think your RIIC base gives out much more EXP output with good amount of LMD produced too, but it needs more morale management I guess? I think it’s a good comp nevertheless.

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Yeah, i have to switch operator 3x a day (Still manageable though) my current setup quite stable never got to low on gold or too much, I just need to use drone either on gold or exp, never try on order. But it have something interesting based on your setup. It seems 2 factory lv. 3 can give more output compared to 3 factory lv. 2

Hmm would like to try change to 2-4-2 setup probably can add more dormitory

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I don’t know much about the different layouts, I just use the basic 2 trading posts + 2 gold factories + 2 exp factories because it’s easy.

Current settings give me around 29-30k Exp + 40-41k LMD

But my numbers seem better than that :feh_maethink:


(using drones on trading posts)


My setup is the same as Azurem’s. All drones go into gold and lmd production. I think most people run it this way.

As I understand it, keeping your Trading Posts at Lv.2 means that you end up with a lot less 3 and 4 gold bar orders, which slows down your lmd production.

Not sure, but I also feel that factories at level 3 have a faster production rate.


Atfirst i think that 3 trade post lv 2 could perform better than 2 trade post lv 3 (trade amount vs rate) since it give 1 more gold trading. It seems my assumption was wrong, trying to make 2 trade post atm. Ow gosh need 120 drone… I will update result later after 2 trade post lv 3 and stabilize its production rate

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Update it seems better to use 3-4-2 in my case

Above setup with 3 trade center and 4 factory. Drones always go to gold

Above setup with 2 trade center and 4 factory. Drones always go to trade

I use 3-4-2.
2 TP got me around 50k per day(with drone support)

The 4 factory are switching btw 2-2 and 3-1.
Normally run 2-2, when gold bar are low then switch to 3 gold bar.