Riolu - Lucario’s price for learning

The price for learning a new attack for Riolu (the juvenile Lucario) is 25 and 10,000.
But the Gamepress info sheet for Lucario says that the price for learning a new attack for Lucario is 75 and 75,000. This is quite unusual as most times (all the times) the price of learning new attacks is the same in both juvenile and adult forms.

Now,… I don’t have a Lucario so I cannot verify the accuracy of the info given on gamepress. But let’s say it’s true. If so, could I add the new attack at the juvenile form? Will it stay with my mon after it is evolved??

Here is the Riolu info. As you can see, it is 25 and 10,000 for sure. No mistaking there:

I don’t know the context and I don’t play go but the title caught my attention, bye.

GamePress is correct. Better to teach the second move as Riolu. When you evolve it, the Lucario will have two charged moves (chosen randomly from Lucario’s movepool).


There’s a few of them like that, baby pokemon with cheap second moves, togepi —-> togekiss is the other one of note for PVP. Here’s the list, I remember it being 7 of them so I think this is accurate.

I walked frogging over 1300km with two togepi for a UL and a ML togekiss. Maybe it’s not much at that point but glad I saved the other 150km on the second moves.


All baby Pokemon have a default 2nd charge move unlock cost of 10,000 dust and 25 candies. That cost for their evolved forms is, I believe, instead based on their candy walking distance.

For example:

Raichu and Wigglytuff: 10,000 dust and 25 candies.

Azumarill, Clefable, Roserade: 50,000 dust and 50 candies.

Mantine, Jynx, Togekiss, Magmortar, Electivire, Lucario, Sudowoodo, Hitmons, Snorlax: 75,000 dust and 75 candies.

The two outliers are Wynaut (since its evolution line can’t learn any additional charge moves other than mirror coat, unless it’s a shadow/purified one), and Happiny, who can’t learn a second charge move in its baby form.


All Baby Pokemon follow those rules:

Baby with possible second charge move 25 candies and 10 000 stardust, the evolutions cost 25/10 000 or 50/50 000 or 75/75 000. The only 2 exceptions to the list are Wynaut and Happiny because they only know one charged move.

The list with the cost for a second charged move for the evolved form

Wynaut (can only learn Mirror coat) Wobbuffet can only learn a second charged move as a shadow or purified (with return) 50/50 000
Happiny (can only learn Psychic) 75/75 000
Pichu 25/10 000
Cleffa 25/10 000
Igglybuff 25/10 000
Togepi 50/50 000
Azuril 50/50 000
Budew 50/50 000
Tyrogue 75/75 000
Smoochum 75/75 000
Elekid 75/75 000
Magby 75/75 000
Chingling 75/75 000
Bonsby 75/75 000
Mime Jr. 75/75 000
Munchlax 75/75 000
Riolu 75/75 000
Mantyke 75/75 000

Thanks so much Squiffy and HKN.

I figured this must be some exception to the rule.
I saw it in some video, a few years ago, that someone evolved their Togekiss at juvenile stage with two attacks already showing and when I got curious, I found out about this difference In cost in the two stages.

But that was so long ago. I wasn’t sure I remembered correctly that the attack learned as a juvenile remained as an adult.
I needed to be sure.

These Riolus are not all that common and I need to use magic candy to evolve and teach the attacks.
Confirming it was worth the trouble.

Thanks so much for all your help!!

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Clefable is a 10K unlock category not 50K for 2nd move.
Other then that a brilliant summary of move costs

Oh, mostly dang, so it is. :grin:

Azumarill, forgot about him, did him with the cheap second move too. Exhaustive list is well done.

Do note, some of them are not worth giving the 2nd charge move to in the baby form, Azumarill (often) being one. This is because it is so expensive to max it out (esp. for PvP), you are usually better off finding a decent one wild and weather-boosted and giving that one the 2nd move.


I thought I was clear that my question is about Riolu/Lucario… I don’t think I mentioned Azumaril nor did I even suggested spending magic candy to bestow second moves to ALL deserving and undeserving Pokémon.

Thank you for everyone’s reply. But except the two answers up there, speaking directly to my question, everyone else’s dos and don’ts in powering up my unrelated Pokémon is not necessary. I am not a novice and at the end of level 39 I may even be considered a decent player. Not as dumb as you make me to be. I know who needs a second attack move and who doesn’t. Very well!!! Really!!!

This situation is an unusual situation and exception to the rules. Maybe you guys need to learn from the replies given to me and move on, instead of trying to show off your unrelated knowledge which does not apply here and is not needed either. Really!!

Just saying!!!

Sorry but your reply is arrogant and egocentric. There are also other people which might be interested in this thread not knowing all this. Guess what, you are not the only person using this forum… Just saying
Also no one implied you are dumb. Really!!!


Aye, because everyone on this site was just waiting, killing time and waiting with bated breath for you to ask this one incredibly narrow, simple, question before they powered down again. Yes, your Majesty, right away your Majesty.

“Not a novice and at the end of level 39 I may even be considered a decent player”? But you don’t know the rule about whether a 2-moved pokemon keeps its second move on evolution?

You’re correct, you’re not as “dumb as people make you to be”. you’re as dumb (also arrogant, offensive and arsey) as you make yourself to be. Which is very. For example, you’ve asked a question and condescended to explain what a riolu is, despite expecting answers as to the question what happens when you evolve it. Did you expect people to answer that question, but still not know what a riolu is? Or did you expect your army of waiting Gamepress forum helper monkeys (for that’s clearly what we are to you) to scour the internet looking for the rare and elusive answer?

Please also add “unwelcome” to that list. if that attitude remains. If so you might find this site: more to your taste as it doesn’t speak back.


Please also add “unwelcome” to that list. if that attitude remains. If so you might find this site: more to your taste as it doesn’t speak back.

This :point_up:
it will only take 5 seconds to find the answer to this “unusual situation and exception” that a decent player like @Redd.Hart wouldn’t know.

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I only posted a scathing reply to his attitude because my simple mind couldn’t follow the concept of what was going on in the thread, or how to play the game at all.

I still don’t know why any of my Mew won’t turn into Shadow Ball Mewtwo even though I walk them 20km and evolve them at night using a Sinnoh Stone. Can anyone help me with this specific, narrow issue? No deviating from the topic now, you have been warned.

Sorry just noticed…“Magic Candy”? Wtf is Magic candy? Where do I get this magic candy?


Instead of acting like a tool request your thread be closed if the question was answered.


Full Moon is making people go cray cray

Except this situation isn’t unusual, nor is it an exception to the rules. The reduced cost to unlock a second move is universally applied to all baby Pokemon capable of learning a second move, not just Riolu. No one was “showing off unrelated knowledge” here, but rather, trying to provide you with a more complete answer to your question. This then evolved to a discussion related to second-moving Pokemon, which is often the case in a global forum with many users.

If discourse and the exchange of information is bothersome to you, then I’d recommend @Oaf’s suggestion that you just Google the answer to your question next time.