RIP Moltres and Raikou?

Are they still relevant in PvE?

It’s not hard to make 6 unique teams and I had them in every instance where I have to go heavy (Like tier 3 Skarmory, Kyogre, Registeel etc.)

Also a fun fact is Chandelure and Darmanitan are much harder to raise than a Moltres while Magnezone might be P2W if you missed some events.

To answer you question you need to tell us what you define as “relevant.” For raids, do you often have more than enough players to take down a T5 boss or do you frequently short-man raids or have the bare minimum? If you have more than enough, does the Pokemon often flee because you don’t have enough Premier balls to catch it?

If you often have more than enough players and often catch the Pokemon because 10+ balls is enough, then “relevant” is a very loose term. You can absolutely use Moltres over Reshiram, you’re won’t be hindering your raid group. But if you need extra balls or short-man, than you may need a full team of Reshiram or if you dodge well, you can add in some Blaziken.

Reshiram and Zekrom are, undeniably, better than their peers. But that doesn’t mean they lose relevance. The dragons are new, you’ve probably not powered up more than one or two and they won’t be back for quite some time.
Moltres still has uses - if bug is the question (ie Genesect ex raids) then Moltres is the answer and unlike Reshiram, it has no fear of ground type covering moves. Raikou is also out muscled by its draconic counterpart, but has the advantage against water types that usually pack ice moves.
It’s fringe cases of course - you’re usually better off with bigger stat line, but it is there should the need arise. That and if you only have one or two dragons to hand as I do, then other legendaries can still step in to fill the gap.

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I definitely should have phrased my question more clearly. What I meant to ask:

  1. Are there any *PvE situations where Moltres or Raikou remain optimal over their competitors?
  2. For my gym offence team, should I replace them with the Gen 5 dragons?
    My area is as urban as urban gets, so finding people for legendary raids is not a problem, but I do enjoy occasionally shortmanning with friends. My Moltres mainly sees action against Metagross while my Raikou frequently faces Gyarados and Milotic.

*Although Rocket battles use PvP mechanics, I regard them as similar to PvE, in that I face the AI using semi-predictable teams.

This answers the first question. Thanks!

What ground covering moves does Genesect have?

As far as I know Reshiram is the best Fire attacker (against Genesect) but do you need it? In my opinion not, you can use whatever fire attacker you have ready Chandalure/ Darmatian/Blaziken/… but even Flareon is great against Genesect so…

I would say no need for Moltres or indeed Raikou for now… but perhaps in the future who knows. But if you have one you can surely still use it :wink:

That’s funny to read, as they keep adding Giratina A, Darkrai, Cobalion and Verizion to raids

For the rare occasion when we need Flying-type DPS (Virizion) Moltres is still the top option. As a Fire-type, non-shadow Moltres is pretty heavily outclassed by Reshiram. Though it doesn’t translate to an inherent advantage, I do like the higher energy generation that Moltres gets from Fire Spin. Seriously, Reshiram takes a small forever to charge up Overheat with Fire Fang.

Similarly, Raikou is pretty heavily outclassed by Zekrom, who has much better base stats. The only remaining advantage Raikou has lies in its mono-Electric typing’s sole weakness to Ground. Zekrom has weaknesses to Ground, Fairy, Ice, and Dragon, so it’s more likely to take a SE hit and faint faster from a coverage move. Blizzard Kyogre comes to mind as a prime example, as Zekrom gets one-shotted with no dodging.

Idk about Chandelure and Darminatan being harder to raise than Moltres. I’ve powered up 3 chandelure to level 30 (that’s 573 candy mind you as all my Litwick were powered from lv20) since they were first released less than a year ago. I’ve also hatched enough Darumaka to evolve 2 of them (100 candy). In comparison, I’ve only ever caught 4 Moltres and only have 20 candy.

Also Chandelure is a 5km Pokémon, while Darmanitan is a 3km Pokémon. Moltres is a 20km pokémon. I highly doubt Moltres is more accessible to newer players or players who missed out on the raids/research breakthroughs than Litwick (recently had been a T1 raid boss and is still available in 10km eggs and can even be found in the wild rarely) or Darumaka (currently only available in 7km eggs as it’s Galarian forme). Moltres cannot be obtained anymore, unless a new event comes out (Galarian Moltres anyone?)

So in terms of the OP’s question, it’s really a matter of what your current resources are. If you lack the Moltres/Raikou candy (like I do) then focusing on Reshiram or Zekrom may be a good idea. You don’t need an army of these legendaries; they serve as powerful pivots or anchors but due to being expensive to maintain a non-legendary is almost always easier to power up. Yes, even Gibles are easier (I have 3 powered up Garchomp but only 1 powered up Zekrom and zero powered up Moltres or Raikou; I didn’t use any rare candies on any of them).