Rip to the 8 B.Hectors

That I had foddered way before his refine, where now he could have been +10

I would give him Special Fighter but the only fodder I have for it the only useful 4th skill that they have is DC and obviously he doesn’t need it

I also could give him Close Savoir D/R, but I want to give him Far Savoir


I know the feeling, i threw away so many copies of him over time. (at the time i was focused on flier units+characters i liked, it was long ago)
I don’t even have him now. :unamused:

… can’t believe he’s the best unit in the game now :expressionless:


That’s the same for B!Ike for me. 14 copies in total, 8 foddered for his breath when it was still good


I’ve foddered 6 B.Ike’s way before his refine, and in which case he could have been +9 right now


I did the same shit with Brave Ike and I honestly regret it so much

Especially because that breath is lowkey worthless now


Then there’s me who found Hector’s fodder worthless because I use very few armored units and Tiki, one of the few I use, already comes with Bold Fighter. And Wave skills just suck.

I got three copies of him when he shared with L-Tiki and two of them sat as manuals for at least a year and a half. At the time I was pretty salty because I really wished he had Distant Counter that upgraded into Ostian Counter so his fodder wasn’t so terrible, but in the end it all worked out…

Mine is now +4 thanks to a free summon on his revival

As for B-Ike, I think I’ve only ever pulled one of him and foddered him (I’ve foddered L-Ike more for Warding Breath, lol). Still have neutral copy from Hero’s Path but I never use him.


I still fodder B!Ike and (manual) B!Hector…

Heck I won’t even waste my dew on refining B!Hector.

I’d have a +10 M Byleth if I didn’t fodder him 3x…:expressionless:


I have only foddered 1 B hector for bold fighter and that was before kelle had it, i also foddered a Bike to BK for the breath and aether i think.

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I’ll make up for it when he’s back around…lol


Hahaha, Don’t you mean… Fierce Breath?

Jokes aside, I can very much see them dropping T4 Breaths when Priam comes to the game.

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It was for my Clarisse is ready. But I was stupid to send home three copies of your Ghb. Minerva threw two away. :feh_michalisyeee:

But I hadn’t played the New Mystery yet.

I foddered 2 bikes and hardly ever fodder. But breath was so good them.

Moral of the story: DO NOT fodder Edelgard, Alm, or Gatekeeper!

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Well it’s a good thing I’m not going to fodder my +10 Bedelgard

Alm it highly depends on what he gets, and same with Gatekeeper we still need to see what his kit will be to see if theirs anything worth me foddering

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Of the four CYL, Alm is the most suspect. I have faith IS will do him right, but that CYL banner was the first time I didn’t go all in for all four. I took a Camilla early and a free Micaiah and walked away. 2 alms came later, and glad I didn’t fodder the second one.

He needs help with his Res, and maybe they will even start with him to refine that A skill which Dimitri says is outdated

Alm kinda needs a lot of help for him to make a recovery, out of the 4 winners of that CYL he is by far the least I see anywhere. So even with the fact that the last 2 male winners got great refines, Alm needs a lot to even compare to the new swordies of today, the only advantage he has is his A slot for pure damage, but most people don’t even use that over DC.

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He was the number one but yeah, ironic he is the least seen. They got a LOT of work to do, he could be our first non busted #1 CYL refine.

I also get why you used so many hectors for BF back in the day.

What I don’t get is why people send home a 5* for a measly 1k feather. That I’ve never understood, knowing refines and resplendent and other updates are always around the corner.

Well Edelgard and Alm both have terrible fodder, so I don’t think that’s going to be a problem for most people unless they’re really hungry for 300 SP C skills (Distant Ward + Joint Drive Res is niche at best; Chill Def + Threaten Atk/Spd is extra BLUGH)

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