Rip to the 8 B.Hectors

At least for Edelgards case you can get both of her niche fodder all at once where as Alm you have to fodder someone else before him to het his full fodder, tho Threaten Atk/Spd is pretty nice tho giving you essentiall +5 Atk/Def/Res and +10 Spd, tho in today’s time where Unities and like effects are starting to come out not always going to be the best

Well yah I know he was 1st place on the male side, but still out of him and the other 2 he kinda needs the most for him to be seen anywhere again. Ike was easy just slap on DR on first hit and foe follow up so he actives Aether (if running Breath effect on him). Hector didn’t even need everything he got, Hector just generates so much big dick energy that they had to give him an absolute busted weapon. Alm tho, he’s just another generic fast sword unit with an a skill that gives him pure damage that not too many people actually used on him, which is sad since I actually like Alm’s character


Yeah, I’m with you. They HAVE to make him stand out from other swords if they want us to use him.