Rise, Raid, Retreat

Work day morning, glance at my held gyms in town as I feed my rabbit and get ready for work, and who do I see floating over one of my Gyms: Skarmory.
Now, as I’ve been doing a lot of T3 raids I’ve developed a sort of Wanted Poster board in my mind of challenges I’m waiting to attempt. And right next to the poster of Gengar (Wanted: Dead or… Undead?) is a poster of that steel winged bird. So leave home a few minutes early, Raid that thing!
Weather: Cloudy/On-Site attempt

I did respect Skarmory enough to know that a Remote Attempt is likely way out of my league (and I had a Free Pass to burn anyways)
Brave Bird ate through my fire types. World map loaded back up, 30 seconds left before Skarmory leaves. Once more into the breach my friends! This time I loaded my Magnezones up front. Result:

You win this time Skarmory. But if I catch that blade winged buzzard in town while the sun’s out, I’m turning it into scrap metal.

Nice try. Don’t worry, Skarmory is one of the toughest Tier 3 raids without Weather Boost.

I recommend going with Electric-types (Specially Magnezone) if it has Brave Bird. A few of them can take him out as long they are level 35 or maxed out. Otherwise Fire-types can make the cut too. The order had to be this:

  • Magnezone, Magnezone, Chandelure, Chandelure, Flareon, Flareon.

I’m sure you’ll get it next time. Don’t give up!

Now I’m glad I didn’t waste a raid pass attempting this earlier. I wasn’t sure if I could do it, and I guess this goes to show that I definitely would not have succeeded.

yep, it’s definitely easier when it runs Flash Cannon cause I can bring my Blazikens.