RNGesus is a fickle one (FE4)

It’s been a while since I played a mainline FE game, and decided to start Genealogy today. I only played 1 chapter (due to spending hours on it) and was reminded how funny and unfortunate Hit/Avoid is. Overall, RNG screwed me over a lot in just a single chapter, but there were a few occurrences that worked out in my favor. It has reminded me how nice it is that FEH doesn’t have Hit/Avoid. Just to mention it, I am aware that older FE games use a 1 RN system rather than 2.

Good events:
Few and far between, I had 2 separate occasions where RNG helped me. The first one is regarding Ethlyn. I swear, in 8/9 combats she avoided every single hit. It was crazy because so many units went to attack and kill her, yet couldn’t because Slim Sword and a bunch of other factors made her Avoid super high.
The other event was when my Finn narrowly escaped death when a foe missed an 80 hit. Incredibly lucky (and I know he has miracle, but that’s risky).

Bad events:
I cannot recall the ridiculously high amount of times foes hit me with extremely low Hit, but I do know it resulted in Azel(le) dying to a 37 hit. And of course there’s the times I missed at 80-90 hit because why not.
The most tragic and funniest event of all is regarding Lex. This absolute unit missed not 1, but 2, 92 hit attacks consecutively… And he barely lived with 3 HP because he got counterattacked both times.

Overall, great start to the game and I hope to continue getting played by RNGesus in the future.


Reminds me of when I played blazing sword and I was grinding arena,I’ll never forget this …my Raven was was orko from a 1% crit rate with a 32 hit% like wtf :expressionless:


Well, at least staves always hit in that game…


True… thank goodness

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Genealogy does that

Something to note is that FE4 uses a single-RN system unlike the GBA games which use a 2-RN system so the hit rates displayed are the actual hit rates, if you’re used to the GBA ones it can throw you off with unexpected hits/misses


Thanks for mentioning it, but I’m already aware.

A better description for those who are unaware:
1 RN basically generates a single number to determine whether something happens or not. (For hit rate specifically, if the number generated is <= the hit rate, the hit occurs).
2 RN generates 2 numbers then averages them to determine whether something happens. (For hit rate, if the average generated is <= the hit rate, the hit occurs).