Robin is liking his new toys

So M!Robin is special to me, since he was my first pull ever in Feh. So I was pretty excited to hear he was getting the resplendent treatment. So now that it’s finally out, I thought I’d update his kit from the basic TA raven tome set he was running.

And just one example of it in action.

It’ll take some getting used to keeping him away from his allies, but he can be deceptively strong when he is. I just wish I pulled for lull spd/res though :feh_sharenacry:


I was going to say “Why no Hel look”, but then I remembered at least if I’m not mistaken… that you don’t like the look because his head looks like it was photoshopped on… and I don’t blame you… Sophia went from long neck to perfect, M.Robin went from perfect to long neck


Yeah, I pulled a Julian and thought of him.

Ignore the seal and C slot.


That, and I feel like Hel just doesn’t fit Robin. Plus I don’t play with animations on anyway.


Shows max investment Robin killing a minimal investment PvE Byleth

[Insert “Floor is made out of floor” meme here]

But nice build. Certainly a good way (probably the most efficient way) of making a player phase Robin.


Honestly, he looks kinda strange just smiling like he normally does wearing the clothes of someone who killed an entire alternate Heroes world.
Meant to add this picture but forgot.


Honestly I Hel fits him a bit knowing his background and what not… but they could have done a bit better on the look of him… not make his neck look so long, slightly change his face expression… And for ■■■■■ sakes… they should have showed they skeleton bit even if it is just a little bit of it


I don’t know why people like Sophia’s resplendent art so much. Her forehead is ■■■■■■■ HUGE, it’s half the height of her whole head, it’s the only reason I haven’t built her.

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I think you have your units mixed up… the unit you are thinking about is Sanaki


Wait what? Resplendent Sophia’s forehead doesn’t even seem that bad, and it’s covered up by her bangs.

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That’s cursed.


You think she’s the only one?

sophia res

Wasting thousands of dollars on art school has made me a very cynical person.


That’s simply the way some forms of anime art style is. If I was anal about foreheads, eyes, hands, limbs, noses, etc being “too big” then I’d probably hate everything related to anime/cartoons.


That’s just how some art styles are… at least Sophia forehead is covered by her hair and less noticeable than Sanaki and her giant headband that just shows you how ■■■■■■■ big her forehead is

From the way her hair is positioned, I’ve always seen it is that she has her head tilted down. You can see her hair line which would be somewhat difficult to see clearly if she was looking straight ahead.

That’s the laziest excuse, “it’s just a style”, it’s almost as bad as “it’s just my opinion” in… certain arguments. There’s a reason why, if you pursue art as a career, the first thing art school will teach you is how to draw the human shape. Even if your desired career path is to work in animation (cartoon, anime, games, etc.) that’s not realistic, you need to know how the real world looks before you can stylize it.

Notice how I didn’t criticize her tiny torso? That doesn’t look off compared to her limbs. But her own forehead looks off compared to the rest of her head.

I’m not saying people can’t like Sophia’s resplendent artwork, but that one detail irritates the ■■■■ out of me, I notice it all the time. I know that not everyone is bothered by that, but I don’t know why so many people say her new art is flawless. I guess most people see art as purely subjective.

I know that perspective is hard to draw, but if that’s what the artist was trying to do, they didn’t do a proper job at it.

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The alternative is she is bald, is wearing a tall hat, then wearing a wig on top of that hat. Otherwise, her head is in the shape of a pill.

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Some people have different Art styles… why do you think some units looks like they are from an 80 comic book, why do you think some units have big hands, some have small hands. Everybody has a different art style… other wise if everyone had the same art style what’s the point of even art… Art is a creative thing where you come up with your own techniques on doing things

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Yeah, no way the top red bar is the top of her forehead. If you notice, her cowlick starts there and that would normally be on the top of your head

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