Robin (M) build eater of f!edelgard's

Hi guys here you have a build that I make for Robin (M) for F!edelgard and for Spring Myrrh


Well having color advantage + Impact + good defense is pretty winning against Fatalgard

But I can’t see him beating Myrrh, at least not in one combat

He barely lives Fatalgard using Sturdy Impact, and his Res is garbage (plus Myrrh has free DR on EP and not just on the first hit)


Curiously he can if you want you can use Tactical Bolt +Res for survive with more hp and Robin don’t have summoner support or resplendent and yes obviously robin need 2 turns for do that but a dancer can solve that.

PD: Is the same build


Ah yes, spend 200 extremely valuable Divine Dew for one matchup that you’re only likely to come across in whale land AA which is now only available half the time

In practice, you’re only gonna get use out of this for AA and maybe Summoner Duels since Robin is a terrible Arena scorer without B Duel Infantry 4 and both of these units are bad in AR-D (despite the number of people who lazily slap Edelgard on their defenses, she is easily dispatched by anyone who knows what they’re doing. I usually use CF Cecilia)

But if he makes your AA life easier, by all means go nuts

Edit: Looks like the video is from Arena. Funny thing about Fatalgard is that she virtually disappears at a certain scoring threshold because she is vastly less threatening without Bonfire and Armored Stride. I didn’t find a single one this week despite having multiple streaks broken, and I was scoring in the range of 750-762


Still enjoyable to watch any unit destroy one of these monsters.
Whatever scenario


Yup, very true
I never tire of Fatal doing 0 to my Cecilia and getting bodied in return


I like say more spend 200 divine dew for counter most of the gray units and with the build you get a decent damage for other heroes that no are colorless.

But even if you want the score then use robin with Blue Duel infantry 4 and stay close of a L!Byleth (M) for the null follow up or use a unit that apply that effect

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If you’re that badly in need of anti colorless threat it’s way better to invest in Cecilia, especially if you’re starting from scratch

TA >>>>>>>> 3 points of Res and 2 Pt of HP, especially since Dew is scarce

The Robins are not bad, but they have not aged very well


Oh forget what I say robin with summoner support or ally support still kill the edelgard xD (Or resplendent if you want). So you don’t need someone with nuf, and yeah he isn’t aged well (and all is fault of the refine)

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Oh and edel is using bonefire for the damage if a edelgard have galeforce or aether robin is going to kill her and whiout take much damage

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TFW, you like the refine especially getting 4 more free stats on every unit used in Heroic Ordeals.


As I mentioned, it’s rare to find Fatalgard once you start scoring high enough; I’d worry more about the Duos and Legendaries at that point

It’s definitely helpful but I’d worry more about his Lynja, Duo Byleth, Duo Líf, and Legendary matchups (depending on season)


Yeah the problem is that you can use only one more of infantry… And many of the units that I use are infantry, but lest be real compare with other refine of raven tome the refine of robin no is so good for damage, only for support… T.T

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I find L-Azura and Surtr way more useful for Heroic Ordeals

Robin can work but they’re just kind of “eh” compared to those two

Surtr in particular is very good at drawing attacks away from a weak 4 Star unit


Don’t go to far imo other units of 4 star can do a better job for support, that why I don’t see the refine of robin so useful

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I can see their value, but I didn’t have L!Azura when the mode was introduced and we all know my feelings on armored units, so I made due, and since it’s been working well for me she keeps the job until otherwise necessary.

Overall, I will agree it’s definitely not a spectacular refine (and absolutely dated), but I do personally enjoy getting use out of it.


One problem: Fae exists and gives more stats with no condition, plus she buffs herself too unlike Robin. She’s basically objectively better as a buffer unfortunately. Like I like both and have both at +10, and Robin was literally my first pull ever in Feh. But Fae is just better for that unfortunately.


Yeah, I use a hone 4 L!Azura all the time for those. Super useful.


Cecilia’s refine is what I wanted Robin’s to be way back when :feh_sharenacry:


I’ve underestimated in the past some invested M!Robin and got defeated because of him, actually never underestimate any invested unit lol :feh_felixperish: