Robin(M) for Arena Core?

  • Yes (please explain reasoning in comments)
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So I managed to pull a Dancing Berkut a little while ago (first copy). I’ve been actively working on ‘favorite’ units, and the current one has been OG Robin(M). Here he is currently (not final).

Like would he be of any use to have a raven tome in the core? His A would have to be B Duel (just acquired), B is pretty open - could go like QR or Null Follow-Up, etc, and C… will have to see what I have which is likely nothing. Since my Core is mostly Infantry for the time being, his weapon will likely get re-refine for a stat (res? more speed?). Would appreciate thoughts on this if your answer is yes…

So, would this be a worthy investment for a core, or should I opt for a different blue unit (that I like) for the core (explain with no option)?

His BST is a bit low for today’s Arena standards imo


True… but would certainly help against L! Leifs, Brams (saw a number of them this week going for tier 21), and new L! Corrin.

The main appeal of Male Robin as an Arena Core is to support with buffs on his weapon so he can free up skill slots on other allies.

I feel that Rinea makes a better Blue Tome support thanks to packing Distant Guard on her weapon and already being a dancer to set her apart from Robin, though she’s a Grails unit.


I did just get R Duel Flying and Aversa will become an option, so if the bonus unit is a legendary cav/flier his normal refine would suffice, and then can run drives. But I also don’t want to fall back into the support hole that I was in previously using Soren/Corrin(M)/Camilla who mostly don’t have major offensive presence and help tons in arena. A ton of times they can’t help unless someone else chips away at the target (without dying), or it’s like the final unit and gets quadruple chilled (Soren runs 3 with the other as a seal on a different arena core unit).

I do like Rinea, but probably won’t be a project anytime soon. Brunnya is currently +8, and would like to build Flame Emperor & Jorge next. I guess Brunnya could run it, but not sure how good she’d be in arena. Was more building her for AR.

M-Robin is in a bit of an awkward place in Arena. He needs B Duel Infantry, his +Eff refine is kinda useless in an environment where +6 Rallies are everywhere, and colorless effectiveness isn’t nearly as helpful as in AR because there are relatively few colorless threats (L-Leif, L-Alm, F-Tiki, and L-Corrin being notable high scoring examples).

Additionally most of the popular red threats, like Y-Marth and Astram, are far too fast for Robin to double (especially when he can’t run a Spd boosting A slot) and he can’t bait them without Close Counter. Being forced to run B Duel also hurts his match-ups vs L-Alm and L-Leif, as his Atk is quite low and he REALLY counts on the one-shot to survive the L-Alm matchup without taking too much damage (Bowbreaker is useless if Alm’s running NFU, and it’s only a 200 SP scoring skill). Bram also preys on his low Res, though I very rarely see Bram in Arena.


I did some calcs on the arena thing:

Robin seems to really need B Duel most - if I were to use him. It would only be 2 points for Brunnya (mine is currently +8, not +10), or 2 points for Nowi (only other +10 Blue I have). Nowi would require a tier 4 C though to be max scoring…

Basically this. Having to run duel skills is almost always a detremnt to units, and Robin really needs a good A slot.


Yup. The only characters who thrive on Duel skills are Iago, Aversa, and Virion thanks to their weapons.


Too bad there’s no B Duel 4 where it adds in like CC and grants +2 to all stats.

Definitely seems like a poor choice, so thanks everyone. Best save it for someone more deserving.

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Yep, my Virion has C Duel and I use him in arena, and has really helped against a number of teams. Love seeing Astram and other Rallies just get reversed on my turn.

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