Robin M Question - Life and Death 4

With his new resplendent hero bonuses, would Life and Death 4 be good for him? I’ve got him maxed out with merges and flowers but feel like this could make him more of a threat. With all this together I think his stats will be:

ATK: 61
SPD: 47

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Not really

There’s no point giving up his defensive stats because they’re pretty good, and it’s a shame to go to waste. Practically any other a slot would be better tbh


LnD4’s biggest use is definitely to give visible offensive stats, so it’s not really preferrable considering that there’s hardly any more benefit to having the offensive stats visible than just in-combat. Stuff like Brave Lyn’s refine or AOE-spam builds appreciate LnD4 more.

Stances and blows are other options for single-phased usage, and bonds and solos (preferrably bonds considering his weapon refine) are the options for dual-phased usage.


LnD4 would work but there are other Atk/Spd boosting A-slot options that don’t hurt his defenses like Solo :feh_birbpeek:


Thanks all :smiley:
Yeah makes sense lots of good points made here haha, will save LnD4 for someone else