Robin (M) support ideas

Guys any suggestions for build a robin support?. I build robin always offensive or tank that’s the reason of why I want suggestions, other thing is that I was thinking in using robin with Hexblade idk I like the skill but you can say the suggestions that you want about how build him.

Imma be real. His prf tome is not that good. Spectrum Tactics buff is extremely mediocre when compared to more dedicated support units like M!Corrin, B!Lucina, NY!Velouria, and Flayn, especially since you can just use real Tactics skills and Links on other units to support your main carry.


Spd feint seal? Idk he looks pretty supportive as is. Could run joint drive C skill and drive S skill


Another thought I just had was give him Harsh Command+ to negate issues his visible buffs may bring

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