They all laughed at me when I said I’ll turn robin into a speedy cloak boi… The resplendent stat boost really helped him but just now I came up with a crazy idea… solo skill AND bond skills on the same build, what’d you guys think of those two builds?

I’ve also got some other premium skills like mirror impact and special spiral (and close counter if you count that) I don’t really have a set plan for robin but I do plan to give him an attack boon and generally just want him to blow sh*t up


Moving this to FE as this is definitely not Pokemon related, lol.


That doesn’t make much sense to me… No matter what you do, one skill on your set will always be useless.

Also I don’t understand the choice of Aether with Time’s Pulse. Noontime I can understand because that charges so quickly, but with a long charging special like Aether, that Time’s Pulse is gonna be pretty useless except on the first turn. Provided you do activate Aether, it is very possible you won’t kill a foe with Aether (since Robin’s Atk is very unimpressive), double, and then go past the full charge required for TP to activate. And in short battles it is very possible Robin won’t activate Aether at all unless he does ALL the fighting, so that’s two more skill slots wasted.


My mistake lol, thought it was automatically set to fire emblem and not Pokemon

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Nice, but I’m afraid I have to tell you, He won’t be fast for long


I see what you’re saying about aether… honestly just really like aether and want all the characters I like to have it but it’s not really optimal for general use apart for arena for scoring but I don’t take the game that seriously

moving on, I knew the bond and solo skill was silly but I just wanted to at least give it a go just because it’s kinda funny to look at heheh but I’ll definitely swap back to mirror impact just to help him with dragons

loool I was waiting for the notably alert person to point that out

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All good.

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