Rock fast moves?

Is there any chance of a new rock fast move being added to the game? I’m not super familiar with the mechanics of how moves translate from the main series to Pokemon go, nor with what moves exist in there main series, so I’m just curious what’s in the realm of possibility here. Rock typing has the worst variety when it comes to fast moves (aside from fairy) - can I hold out hope that this might change, or am I stuck throwing rocks waiting for the charge moves to slowly build for forever?

We have a other thread on future moves
Bottom line - rollout, meteor beam, headsmash. Rollout was suggested as fast move I think, meteor beam will for sure be charged. When they will be unrolled? No one knows, but for sure not before the world championships -but maybe in late summer?

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I wish there were a move called Rock Lobster. Because, you see, it wouldn’t be just a rock. It would be a Rock Lobster


Previously what happened was new moves were added semi-regularly, sometimes they were good, sometimes not so good.

Now what happens is every few months niantic has a random Community Day and gives the featured species a new move, usually a PvP move that, at best, makes it subjectively better and sometimes that has no point at all and makes people say “Why didn’t they give that to… …instead?”.

Next new rock move will probably go on something like Muk.

A new move? Thought that happened only once, a new move not featured in the msg, or?
Apart from that, the new moves were mostly added at the beginning of a pvp season and in the middle (longer seasons that is)

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Rollout sound effect was added to the game master early this week. It seems it’s going to be a fast move, no data about damage and energy generation/cost


At first when I saw this thread, I was confused because both Smack Down and Rock Throw are in the game. But then I looked both of them up again and sure enough, they have almost identical DPS and EPS. Smack Down has slower animation but other than that, they’re practically interchangeable. So if they add Rollout, here’s hoping it’ll be focused towards energy instead, like Powder Snow is stat-wise.

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Would stealth rock maybe be a possibility?

You know, given how Stealth Rocks was changed for Legends Arceus, that is actually a great idea. That could definitely work.

Its true, both moves are nearly identical in both PvE and PvP. “Rollout” seems like an ideal energy-slanted fastmove but sadly, not a lot of (relevant) 'mon learn it; Golem, Omastar, Kabuto, Carracost, Aggron, and Rhyperior being the most notable. And of course it would probably be added to Donphan’s already stupidly-long list of fastmoves. :rofl:


Maybe Dunsparce and Miltank would have a chance with Rollout? Many normal types can make use of it, like Lickitung and Snorlax family.

I could see that, there are a couple of other interesting ones too but it really depends on how good Rollout is. If its a Fire Spin clone, almost nothing that doesn’t get STAB will want to use it.

Fire spin is not that bad, it is in the lick range which many normals use. Of course lick counters the resisted ghost type, but when you keep in mind that rock mons have mostly a defensive typing problem, the offensive move value is quite good, so a fire spin clone rollout might be of use - with hitting e.g. fire fliers doubly effective. Personally I hope for something more balanced than e.g. mud shot or powder snow, maybe a bullet punch clone. Carracosta has an interesting moveset, that would be my fav, btw

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Its definitely just a bit better than average. Lick does well because it has wide coverage. But for Rock-type, while good when its good, there’s a lot of Ground-types in every league. I would expect a Fire Spin or Infestation clone. Not a broken move but very acceptable and good enough to push some ‘mon into relevance (lookin’ at you Rhyperior and Aggron). My observation is that unless a move is OP (like Shadow Claw, Confusion, or Counter), the only off-type fastmoves that get use are extremely energy-slanted.

Oh, yes, energy generation is more important/has a higher value. A 2/4 move is mostly better than a 3/3 one - this is because there are two charged moves which do the coverage… I don’t know if confusion is OP, since so slow and a bad typing (resisted by four, counting dark double, effective vs only two - got a bit better after poison got buffed ofc). Bullet punch (or poison jab) with 3.5/3.5 is on the edge of overpowered - not really fully OP because it has the same problem as confusion. Rock definitely a bit better than both in terms of coverage, a bit worse than ghost for sure, but an even better effectiveness: Flying and ice are staples in most leagues, fire is used a bit as well and often combined with flying. Of course bug is useless. The drawbacks weigh heavy though, fighting, steel and ground. UL open comes to mind, where ground is mainly swampert and fighters not so much around. Combined with at least one counter- fast move mon, it’s a lot more balanced.
Fire spin clone (3/3.33) could help at least the mons with good fast moves, the mentioned carracosta or rhypi…

I expect that’s not the case because then rollout will be doomed. Infestation is plain horrible even after “rework” and fire spin gives nothing for a 3 turn move with poor damage and mediocre energy generation. They are both way too slow.

Assumption is that rollout (if fast move) is going to be a high energy generation move to differentiate from both SD and rock throw, two very decent moves, but it actually has to be very good to shine. Rocks are good on offense but bad on defense, and every meta but Másters at the moment is kind of hostile to them. Even things with amazing movepool like a-grav or golem only see the light in restricted formats. If rollout is slow, it needs to be like volt switch or incinerate to be relevant. Let’s hope for a 2 bar move, at least that way we are going to be able of work it out.

PD: Drain punch has been in the game máster since 2016 and the first mon able to use it is going to be bewear next month. So let’s no rush

Apparently, a file called “rollout_fast” was discovered in the Game Master, so there may be a chance in the future that some Pokemon will learn this move. My guess is it’ll show up as a Community Day with Kanto/Alolan Geodude within the next few months.

yeah let’s see how they roll this one out