Rocket Mysterious Compound

After the event, i still need to defeat 2 more admins, but both balloons and grunts from pokestops aren’t dropping the mysterious compounds. Is this supposed to happen?

I’ve defeated some ballon grunts, also jessieandjames, and grunts from stops and no drop. Do they think that we are going to spend money for that stupid box that appears in the shop? Lol.

Is the mission worth it anyway? I have some coins stored, but i don’t feel like buying that.

I have 5 components and need to defeat 2 more Rocket leaders. Really not a lot left for me. Helped this morning when Jessie and James arrived right when I woke up in USA. However, I still have 2 days and 14 hours left on my event clock. If you have less time it might be a close mission.

Its an impossible mission because i don’t get components after defeating them!

Oh, is your bag full? Do you have a Rocket Radar already and are you waiting for your next Arlo/Sierra/Cliff?

None of them, but… who knows.