Roll advice: Waver vs Merlin

Hello fellow masters!

Im going to roll for either Merlin or Waver, just one of them. Whoever I decided to try to get is going to be my last attemp at the gacha this year, and then Im going to start saving for Castoria. I though a lot about them, their pros and cons from different perspectives, but still cant decide. So I would like to share my arguments to see if maybe Im missing something, or if Im wrong about certain aspects. I would be glad to have any advice that helps me to make a choice.

First, a few considerations about my situation:

My Rooster: Im F2P. I dont have any of the big casters. My favorite DPS are Buster and Arts, for both Farming and CQs. Im not looking for “The most effective comps overall”, but “The most effective comps for my favs servants”.

Rule of No-Doubles: I dont want to use double servants, its Bad Civ in my books. So Im not going to use Merlin-Merlin nor Waver-Waver. Its gonna be Merlin-Waver/Merlin-Skadi/Merlin-Tamamo/Waver-Skadi/Waver-Tamamo comps.

The Castoria Factor: I going to roll for Castoria, with or without Waver/Merlin. If I got Castoria in the future, both Waver and Merlin would be less relevant for my rooster, but still usefull. Anyway, while Merlin still being the best option for Buster (at least from the servants that Im willing to roll for), Waver’s status as the best general support is challenged by Castoria. But in case that I failed to summon my own Castoria, I think that I could do better with Waver-Friend!Castoria than with Merlin-Friend!Castoria. Anyway, I cant know if I going to success or not rolling for her, so Im keeping it as just a consideration to have in mind and not as a fact.

Now, comparing Waver and Merlin:

As characters: They’re tied, I like them equally. Not my favs, but high enough on the list of characters that I like and want to have my own version in Chaldea to justify rolling for them even without the Gameplay perspective.

From a Gameplay perspective:

Merlin: I pick him from support list for CQs more than any other servant. In the past the lack of a Big Support of my own has caused me some problems, but recently Im doing better thanks to a spooky Jeanne helping with survival issues. Anyway, there’s some times when you cant use the support list, or you’re forced to pick a certain support, so having my own Merlin would be a good thing for that situations. Merlin also would be usefull for farming when the enemies are too tanky for my current 3T comps, so while its not his main strengh, its something that he can help to do.

Waver: I pick him from support list for farming, NP charge being the main reason to pick him every time that I want to clear waves fast. While I have collected a good amount of servants with Self/Targeted/AoE NP Charge, some times I need just another NP charger to clear waves fast. If I have my own Waver, then I can pick a Skadi from the friendlist and add another 50% battery, and even try some weirdly creative pseudo Quick Loop with the few quick servants that I like. Or I can pick a Tamamo for Arts teams, which I usually avoid because her lack of NP Charge on-demand makes things too slow, but would be solved with a Waver of my own.

Conclusion: this point is for Waver. Farming is more common than CQs, and Im struggling less with CQs than with farming. Also Waver being colourblind has more flexibility as a generalist. If I get Merlin instead of Waver, probably Im going to need to pick a Waver from support list, but if I got Waver, Skadi and Tamamo would also work fine with him.

Summoning perspective:

Waver: He’s in the general pool, and while Im not counting on it, in theory he can spook at any time. Also, If we get a SSR ticket like JP I could get him for free, but I want to use that ticket for NP2 Mordred instead. His banner comes sooner than Merlin, so Im going to have less SQ/tickets for him, but that also means that Im going to start saving for Castoria sooner.

Merlin: He’s limited, so there are few occasions to roll him, and cant spook. His banner comes later than Wavers, so Im going to have more tickets/SQ for him, but the most important part about it is that it comes after the update in the summon system that adds a free roll for every ten summons. Im going to have at least 300 SQ and 30 tickets for him, thats at least 13 extra rolls, so more chances to get him. The downside is that his banner is closer to Castoria, so it means that Im going to have less time to save for her.

Conclusion: this point is for Merlin. There will be more oportunities to get Waver in the future and Im not interested in NP2 him. Hell, with my rate of spooky SSRs (12) vs desired SSRs (4), Im more confident in having a Waver spook in Merlin’s banner than summoning him in his own rate up. Also the extra rolls are a big deal for SQ starved people like me.

So, character wise I like both. From gameplay reasons I prefer Waver. From a management perspective it makes more sence going for Merlin. For future perspective Waver would be outshined harder than Merlin if I get my own Castoria, but if not, Support Friendlist Castoria would work better with native Waver than with native Merlin… and the future is cloudy.

What do you think that I should do, fellow masters? Im missing something? Im getting something wrong about Merlin and/or Waver? Any advice?

Merlin simply because you can pick Waver on the free SSR ticket.


Roll for Merlin so you get spooked by Waver :fgo_rinlaugh:


I can’t give you a right answer if you give the wrong choices
The correct answer was: Skadi :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding. Go merlin. Waver has many more rateups on cbc and case files, and perhaps its eventual rerun, along with the 5* tick. Merlin ony has summer 4 and its rerun



More universally useful

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Merlin is limited, Waver is general pool so it’s a hard call. Waver is better in a general sense, also better if your Roster doesn’t lean any one direction in particular. But Merlin can stall and is still useful even if you’re not fielding Buster(just not as useful). I’d recommend rolling for Merlin because you could still oops into Waver whereas the reverse is not possible.


Merlin, he is limited, you can get a Waver for free next year or he can spook you


Merlin is my recommendation by far. He’s both limited in the summoning pool and less accessible on Friend Support than Waver. Generally, you don’t need two Wavers (and like me, you don’t like using double Servants anyway), so I think you’re going to feel Waver’s loss less than Merlin’s.

Keep in mind, Merlin isn’t just for challenge quests, though I find him invaluable for that. His 20% charge still works perfectly for Kaleidoscope setups, and his Buster buff packs a lot more power than any of Waver’s buffs.


Damn near everything works with Kaleiscope(Including Waver), and I dont think the OP has that, so he’s SOL most likely on that front. Also like Merlin, Waver isnt just for farming. Unlike Merlin, Waver is far better at challenge quests these days than Merlin is at farming.

That being said I’d go for Merlin just because you can get Waver from The SSR ticket then you’ll have them both, hnless there is someone else the OP wants to pick for it.(Im picking Ozy)


That was my first option, but then I get the idea to raise Mordred’s NP lvl. Kinda silly because having my own Waver would also allow me to boost Mo better than getting her NP2. Perhaps the best option is Rolling for Mer, and if I fail to get him, then using the ticket for Waver. That would allow me to do Waver/Arash/Mo+Kscope/Support!Merlin comps. Best case scenario I got NP2 Mor+Merlin, so I can do the same but with support Waver instead.


Yeah, that should be the right answer. I just pray that its a Waver spook and not Scherez or something like that lol.


Not gonna lie, I recently rolled Darthoria and Im quite enamoured with her, so Im picking Skadi from the friendlist a lot more these days. But still, unless that someday they release a Quick based Mordred, Im not joining the Green gang.
Anyways, thanks for the advice!


Indeed, he is more universal. But still Merlin has another Pro’s, and with Castoria in the future, Waver kinda lost a little of his value if I manage to get her. Thanks anyway!


Yep, I think that Im going for Merlin. NP2 Waver doesnt sounds really interesting and Merlin is much more harder to find.


Id love to be spooked by Waver! But is usually someone that I dont need/want, lol. Anyway, it seems that Merlin makes more sence.


Oh, thats a fair point. You’re right, sometimes is hard to find a Merlin in the support list, and even more if you want him equiped with a particular CE. This is the kind of little detail that I missed and that makes a little easier to pick one. Thank you very much!


Indeed, I want to pick another Mordred with the ticket… but if I fail to get Merlin, then Im going to sacrifice the ticket for Waver. I want a least one of them in my Chaldea.

Thanks to everyone! Im going to roll for Merlin! Now the hardest part is to wait until his banner without being tempted by other servants :sweat_smile:


enamored = fall in love
If you like mhxa, unlike merlin, who has a rateup, or waver, who can be gotten off 5* ticket, skadi won’t return, so she should legit be a priority…

Yeah, I know, but I still care more for Mo than for Waifus lol. But anyway I dont want to use double servants, and If Im not going to field Skadi-Skadi, so there’s no reason to roll for my own Skadi when I can just pick one from the support list. Also I dont like Skadi as character as much as Waver or Merlin, and MHXA is along with Fran the only Quick servants that I really like enough to use.


Simple solution, I hope you get either Waver or Mordred spook when you roll Merlin :fgo_alterawiggle:


That’s the dream! Hoping my own Caster magnetism gets him to show up while I’m rolling for AA or CARmilla.


I’m a fairly new player myself and I’ve been doing some research on which might be better for newer players. For me, the following is what I considered :

  1. Does my line up have ways to survive AOE NP?
  2. Does my line up have ways to fill NP gauge?
  3. How reliant is my team comp on Buster cards / NP?

For 1-2, I have david / hans to carry me through. For 3, my strikers are mostly quick / arts so I decided to save up for Waver rather than Merlin.

As far as places where you really need Merlin, you can simply get it off your support list. The only time that I really wish that I had merlin of my own was at Shimousa, but I used CS to power through it.

Hope this helps


Is there a situation where one would just want a single skadi though?

I cant really imagine that.

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If Im not Min turning something I usualy just use 1. Breaksbars + Power creep means I can kill a bar a turn pretty easily with only one so I focus less on damage and more on surviving Joe Gorilla and his 10k resisted crits.

Yeah, I did a similar process before posting. I considered that three points alongside with othes, and while I have a rooster good enough as it is right now, a Waver and a Merlin would improve a lot of QoL for me. That aside, I want them because they’re the best option to boost my favorite servants, not because they would make the best comp overall. Thats also why I dont care about Skadi, because there is only two servants that I like to run and benefics from her more than from Waver or Merlin.

And about running comps with just one Skadi, Its not that I want a single Skadi, is that I dont want two identical servants in my party. I dont care if Skadi-Skadi is better than Skadi-Other, I just dont like to field the same servant twice. Some people like to clear the content without command spells, or using only low rarity servants, or using only story related servants, or do Jeanne solo runs that last more than 10,000 turns; well, I like to play without repeated servants, its my own self imposed rule.


I didn’t roll for waver but he spooked me twice.
Same for nurse berserker both now NP2.

Merlin is limited, i pulled hard on his banner but never got him.


I’d say that Merlin is your best roll target, just because he is limited. I’d say that Waver would be the better value for your roster, but Merlin is the stronger servant, overall (arguably the strongest servant, period).

I would definitely not consider Waver to be obsolete post-Castoria, especially if you don’t use duplicate servants. Waver is necessary for a lot of 3T farming comps, even in DSS, and the only thing better than a 50% charge support is another 50% charge support.