Roll advice: Waver vs Merlin

Easy, roll for Merlin and use the SSR ticket on Waver. If you don’t want to borrow duplicate servants you will need another 50% charger to accompany Castoria and Waver is the best option; the same with Merlin if you want more survival.

Honestly, if I were you I would roll for both Waver and Merlin and use the SSR ticket on Tamamo. Well, unless you are at zero SQ or something right now. We will get around 300 SQ from the anniversary alone and there is plenty of time between Merlin and Castoria to save a huge amount of SQ/tickets.


Waver. Why? merlin is more CQ/boss utility which is 1% of the game and can easily be cheesed by friend carries anyway. guess who’s better for the other 99%? Thats right, Waver


I actually agree. I think Waver is the superior pick and I think the OP would prefer to use the SSR ticket on Mordred anyway. Being able to charge 50% and 20% is just invaluable for everyday use.

I don’t have Merlin and the only time I ever borrow him is for the occasional CQ (in fact I don’t remember when that was, maybe Gilfest?) or if I’m using a Buster Servant with a 30% battery like Gil.

I am slightly spoilt by having a MLB BG though.

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I am admittedly biased here, but I’d go with Merlin. Both of my Wavers came off rate up despite me rolling on a couple of different rate ups before getting him, so the general pool factor is actually pretty big, on top of the fact that you can nab Waver with that tasty SSR ticket next year. Farming may be majority of the game, but I don’t think that necessarily mean it’s the most important, y’know? Ultimately we all play for fun and I don’t think anyone enjoys massive grinds with low drop rates. Having a native Merlin opens up a lot of options for enjoyable boss clearing builds and if that’s something you enjoy you should go that way. Merlin isn’t not useful for farming either, he’s just more CE dependent which makes him less helpful for garnering drop bonuses, especially in lottery season, but Merlin was the cornerstone of my farming teams for years before I landed my first Waver.

Waver is a much better pick in terms of flexibility but that flexibility is really only leveraged when it comes to scoring 3-turn clears with 5-6 event CEs. Merlin farming comps aren’t impossible to make provided you’re willing to leave off two event CEs at a time or have a couple of other tools - a strong Helena for instance, opens up a bunch of options for Merlin-based farming, and outside of lotteries most of us don’t get 5-6 event CEs anyway or don’t actually need 3T clears that badly.

It is also worth noting the Merlin banner will likely come after the 11-pull update, so your chances will increase slightly, but that’s a minor consideration.

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with either. It’s a matter of how much value you place on their respective roles and what you enjoy about the game. Merlin is better for careful optimisation and gimmick team building, Waver is better for high-speed clearing and resource gathering.


Figure out your SQ budget for this roll. Split it between the two banners using the ratio of your choice. Let the gacha gods decide.


I would say then definitely Waver is the better value because he fills in the needs better without double merlin / double skadi comps.

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I’ve survived most of my quests without having any big supports up till Skadi came along. Was relying on my support list for help. This year is quite crazy with banners for Waver, Merlin and Skadi within the same year.

Would say that Merlin would be a solid pick to spend your F2P SQ on since you can still get Waver spooks or the GSSR ticket next year. Nowadays, most of my support list are either Skadi or Waver while maybe 2-3 friends still list Merlin in the suport. Since I have both Skadi and Waver, Merlin is the one that I’m trying to aim for this coming August.

I’ve stayed out of this because there isn’t much to add, but all this Merlin talk makes me wonder when the Buster renaissance is coming.

Will be interesting to see how the inevitable new broken support interacts with Merlin and influences rolling decisions for those who don’t already have him.

…and maybe JP will finally get their AA rerun banner after that so that DW can first drain any gifted or saved SQ on the support and then drain all the wallets.

On the topic, Merlin++ since opportunities to get him are rare.


This thread convinced me to roll for Merlin instead of Waver as planned. There’s always next year’s SSR ticket for waver.


Congratulations on your correct decision (absolutely no bias what do you mean)


I’m dubious as to whether a “buster renaissance” is even possible. There have been several threads on the topic already, and I have yet to see a suggestion that would allow buster to compete with NP-looping strats that doesn’t involve either changing core game mechanics (usually for the purpose of making buster identical to quick/arts) or designing all future content to specifically hose quick/arts.

My hope is that we get more novel content, like grail front, that requires different strategies than what we’re used to. But people might get justifiably upset if it appears the game is drastically changing in a way that obsoletes years worth of their investment.

Then again, only a tiny minority of players tend to engage with online forums, so it’s entirely possible that card balance really just isn’t a significant issue. It’s not as if buster is bad, it’s probably the most fair and balanced strategy. It’s more that arts and quick break the game.


I think I’ve made my stance on “Buster is dead” pretty clear so suffice to say I don’t think that a Buster renaissance is as much impossible as it is unneeded. Outside of lotteries and ladders, Buster farming teams still make 3T just fine and most of the time 6-slot compositions are not just unnecessary but impossible if it’s not an event with a banner you intend to roll.

That said, I don’t think it would take a huge revolution to bring Buster into “viability” again. Plugless comps are increasingly less valuable as we all approach level 10 Arctic, so just giving Buster NPs a base damage boost, in line with Buster cards, gives them a perfectly viable route to compete, trading off access to buffs for access to charge. A little variety in node structure - something like a 3-1-3 would be an excellent node for superscope Raikou, for instance - and the meta shifts from hurr durr trilooping to bespoke anti-node building overnight (although importantly, this would likely require a shift in drop rates to keep APDs in line). I’d actually like to see that happen, if for no other reason than making the friend list matter for more than just the Caster slot.

There would still be a handful of powerhouse exceptions of course - double Castoria/NP 2+ Spishtar comes to mind, entirely due to her 50% personal battery - but a couple of fairly minor tweaks I think would well and truly put Buster back on the map, even without having to give Merlin a 50% charge.

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Waver is more universal

I agree that Waver is more useful (and less of a dick) than Merlin, but because he’ll be on the Free Waver ticket next year then your most efficient choice is to roll for Merlin this year.

Merlin is also getting harder and harder to find on support lists recently (mostly due to Skadi) so it would be easier just to have your own.

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@OwlCafe @The_Cheeseman

Whether we think it’s needed or possible, we are almost certainly going to get that Buster renaissance in some form. Whether that involves changes to Merlin or not (my money is on “not”) is yet to be seen. My money is on a combination of charge support, card manipulation, Buster Up, and star gen.

And yes, I think it’s sorely needed, but I won’t go on about it further in this thread since it’s ostensibly about comparing Waver and Merlin.

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Just make merlin’s crit buff 3t. No need to loop, just crit em to death. If you really want to, add a 30% battery. Not as good as arts, but its a start.


You probably know what I’m about to say here, but we need a way to fix card RNG for that solution to be truly successful.

Cards will never even the playing field with NP-centric comps for as long as there is no reliable way to correct for randomness.


I could see it working, since summer bb exists, so you could have merlin + buster dps + summer bb + himiko/waver/another merlin. It could catch up to quick at least

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Summer BB doesn’t really fix the problem, though, since we have to get a good roll before she has a job to do. We need to be able to force a good hand in order to make cards acceptably reliable.

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Same with skadi and even castoria to an extent, since you won’t loop without facecards unless your name is vlad or galatea. If you get 2 busters turn 1, you’re screwed, because that kills your loop

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