Roll Class-Spesific banner or wait for Ivan the terrible?

my rooster lack of SSR rider so just like what the title said, what should I do?
is Ivan gonna be good?

Ivan is one of, if not the best SSR Rider in the game. He has hard survivability, a debuff cleanse for himself, buff removal for enemies, and a mana burst. He does a bit of everything and does all of them well.


He is worth summoning, that much is sure. If you lack good riders he will fix that problem if you manage to get him and you can use him for both farming and CQs.

I’d say the only negative part about him is… well his design.


thanks for answering!
one more question, are welfare riders(kintoki,ishtar) gonna be enough for future events?

Kintoki is an excellent ST welfare rider. At NP5 his damage is good, plus the NP battery he has can get ya to loop it when timed right. Add in a self heal, and some crit bonus skill and he will be doing damage plus assisting with adding crit stars for a round for the team.
Ishtar has a decent AoE NP damage. One thing about Welfare Servants is their NP5 helps up the dmg they do to make them more viable. Her skills help build her NP quicker when utilized at the right time. I am a little bias towards Ishtar since I despise her NP animation though, so I dont use her often.
Both are reliable Riders to make a good impact for future battles requiring a riders class. But, if you can Summon Drake, Ivan or Ozy…they are the top generals in that class.

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Ivan is pretty great. His only real downside is his lack of battery and his uninterluded NP.

But Ivan’s skills are loaded (albeit expensive) and there’s a lot of CQ utility in them. He has the best Innocent Monster in the game and his Golden Rule means he can spam his NP with a little RNG.

But he’s also like Helena—good everywhere but excellent nowhere. Ivan doesn’t have a niche for himself. Ozy has unique team support. Quetz has her critical capabilities and targetable Guts. Drake has the 50% battery. Medb has her anti-Male niche. Achilles can loop with Skadi.

Ivan is just like…an improvement over your generic DPS Rider. Which is perfectly fine for CQs and farming. But he doesn’t bring anything new to play with.


I see. I guess I’ll try a roll or two in tomorrow rate up, hopefully getting something good.
thanks again y’all~

If you like him, sure. Another powerful Rider coming up soon is Achilles, you can’t go wrong with either.


when is Achilles gonna come up?

Late April/Early May I think


He did get one last December I think.

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Kintoki rider is still top 4* rider in JP today, so he’s future proof. Ishtar rider is also pretty strong.
Welfare/NP5 SR servants are mostly stronger than SSR NP1, and I don’t think that will change in the future. This game is more on niches that even 3* or lower * will handle them well even in the future.

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Ivan has the best value for newer Masters and for those who just really love his Kitchen Sink EX quality for handling virtually any situation. Will be even better when we get his Interlude down the road.

However, lack of a battery means I’ll never use him for most AoE CQs or for farming, and I have other units who can remove buffs and bypass defenses. Passing here won’t be difficult.

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He did indeed but December 2021 is a long ways away

It’s like—Salter gets a battery in two years so you should use her as a farming Saber. Uhh, no. You should wait 2 years to use her as a farming Saber.


how about comparing ivan to ozzy , quetz and iskanda ?
saving SQ for achillies though.

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Ozy and Quetz are ST, so comparisons to Ivan are difficult.

In terms of CQ adaptability, Ivan can deal with gimmicks better, but he lacks any kind of battery.

I don’t think any Rider has better CQ tools within their own kit, but otherwise Ivan isn’t the top farmer or the top boss-killer. He’s all-around excellent, but you can comfortably do without if you have his bases covered already.


I can’t think of anything beyond Medb’s debuff immunity and charm it Quetz’s Guts. Achilles has that taunt but you usually pair it with his invuln

Riders aren’t known for their utility :sweat_smile:


Nah, they all share this amazing utility of vacuuming up the point Servant’s crit stars when anyone has the temerity to use one as a support buffer or as a supporting DPS :stuck_out_tongue:


Im in the same boat, im passing on the class banner. After finishing the 1st lostbelt chapter im determined to pull Ivan. But all i got for now is like 30 SQ and 5 summon tickets lol

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my SQ are around the same and I’ve used all my tickets on class banner yesterday and got nothing, let’s just hope for the best. lol