Roll for Eresh or settle with Jalter Lily?

I wouldn’t be making this topic that early if it wasn’t indirectly affecting my 4* free servant ticket decision :sweat_smile:

I’m lacking a lot in the Lancer department, with just NP1 Liz and Laltria alter and nothing else. Merlin banner drained me hard, leaving me with ~100 SQs and no tickets, but at least he came home :fgo_buster:

I don’t have many future aims except Skadi, Dantes (and no, I liked him even before Skadi shenanigans), and Archer Jeanne (for waifu reasons mostly).

So, should I roll for Eresh, or will Jalter Lily fill up my Chaldea buster lancer aoe void effectively :fgo_buster: ?

If you’re looking purely for Buster AOE Lancer damage, you’ll be just fine with Santa Lily. Ereshkigal’s focus is less on her AOE damage and more on her unique support capability through Protection of the Underworld.

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…obviously ereshkigal is better due to her invul not being on the same skill as a damage boost, having a larger charge and having more practical support. it’s only a question if you feel that jeanne doesn’t do enough for you.

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Jeanne is a better farmer, but not as good of a raw damage dealer. Lalter is the actual powerhouse lancer you’ve got.

Ereshkigal is more of a support character with her Blessing of the Underworld and her NP’s extra bonuses there.

Also, you can never have too many cute servants. Roll for her if your heart wants her.

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If you need damage only, Santa Alter is way more than enough and deals much more damage than Eresh, Eresh needs to be NP3 to win if I rmb correctly. If you need NP spam, Latoria is better for her 70 NP charge (50+20from OC) and is way more flexible since her NP battery is not bind with mana burst. Eresh is still good as a semi support DPS, though she is never in the top tier, but she’s cute, thats no doubt.

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