Roll for Jean archer (np1) or altoria archer(np2)

So I want to see what your opinions are… Should I roll for artoria archer to try to get np2( I have her np1 currently) or roll to try to get Jean archer (most likely np1 as I don’t have her yet)

I have tomomo-no and waver already. Thanks!

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I prefer getting new servants over NP levels. Further with Jeanne you will have a good looper for AoE and ST farming.

That said they are both great Arts archers.


Do you prefer one over the other? If the answer is no then choose Archuria.

Jeanne deals less damage simply because her NP is AoE. At NP1 your eyes will bleed when you’ll see her damage (like Void Shiki)

But she is cute and can help you to clear an enemy wave if you have the right support.

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For love go full Archuria. For diversity and farming potential, Jeanne with good support will ease your life at certain nodes, and in two years she will have premium support in a certain saberface with almost broken skills.

You’ll probably get a lot of “roll for who you like more” replies, so I’ll just put my personal, subjective opinion from a gameplay perspective here.

I’d go for Archuria NP2.

The only thing Jarcher can do notably better than other AoE archers is looping, and at NP1 her damage is rather noodly even with all her buffs.

Archuria on the other hand is one of the best archers vs. bosses, especially those that aren’t male and don’t have the crits/ST NP to one-shot her or her supports too easily. Her only weakness (apart from lack of Evade/Invul) is her mediocre NP damage at NP1, at NP2 it deals 33% more base damage -> battle ends faster -> less risk of getting killed before depleting boss HP. Also more damage -> more overkill hits vs. depleted break bars or one of multiple enemies -> more refund -> better chance to fire another NP soon.

Also, and this is perhaps the more important argument: Jarcher returns next year, Archuria hasn’t had another rate-up in JP yet, so this is probably the last chance outside GSSR to upgrade her NP for at least another 2 years.

I’d go with Jarcher, farming servants are always useful and she’s great on that part, damage may be lacking at NP1 but having a battery herself makes it easier to give her a BG.

Archuria is good and all but you’ll get Chloe next year anyway if you don’t have her already and i’d say she’s better than Archuria at NP1.


I don’t have a huge opinion either way but seeing as it has been mentioned, NP2 Altria is helpful in that S2 becomes more usable.

Jarcher if you’re willing to go again for a second copy next year. Archuria if you’re not. Jarcher is higher cost and higher return. I managed to luck out and get two copies of Jarcher and I am incredibly satisfied with her. I can’t wait until Nero Bride gets her upgrade so I can loop with 0 starting NP gauge. What Torafuku said is also worth noting, Chloe has been doing the job of Artscher just fine ever since Orion hit bond 10 for me (I don’t even have Tam yet).

Well… this question is definitely opening a can of worms…

If you really like Squirtoria’s kit and intend to use her a lot, I’d recommend rolling for her. The upcoming 14m download campaign (we’re not sure of dates yet) is probably the last chance to get her, other than getting lucky with GSSR. Jarcher will have at least one more banner for the rerun, and possibly more in a future Xm downloads campaign.

If you’re not that invested in the gameplay aspect of Squirtoria or don’t intend to use her much, go for Jarcher, as she’s a really fun character.


So… For me… I have np1 ateioria archer… And I really like her… Her np drain is NASTY!!! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been able to back to back np spam it while keeping my enemies np Guage at zero between her Tomomo and waver… Those three synergize soo well. The only arts aoe servants I own are…

divinchi np1, siege np5, and Anastasia np1
Hokosia np1 f

Single target arts I have
Artoria archer np1
Orion np1
Vlad np1

Supports I have

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It’s a tough choice for me. That’s why I figured I’d ask the community… Figured a collection of experienced players can help me decide. Thanks to anyone who shares their thoughts!

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Also I might as well add… I roll for gameplay reasons… Not waifu (I know crazy right).

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Something to consider is how often you’re doing something in the game. In the case of Archuria she’s only really coming out in boss fights. Jarcher is coming out in the farming you’re going to be doing all the time and could also be used in AoE bossfights. 90% of this game is farming so usually if you roll for gameplay you roll for more efficient farming. So that would imply Jarcher. That being said you’re just not going to be able to get all you’d want out of her if it’s not NP2 so either be ready to roll for Jarcher next year as well if you decide to go that route and don’t have EX Luck or Golden Rule.

On a side note you should get Paracelsus into your mind as a support because with his strengthening quests his third skill becomes a great help to both Jarcher and Archuria loop their NP and his other skills will help clear a weak wave and give a little extra boost to team arts performance respectively.

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On the topic of reasons to roll, I tend to roll for everyone to give them a chance to come home. The way I see it if they want to come they come and if they don’t they don’t. Some servants really like me, like Dantes NP2 in less than 100 total SQ some like Okita or Ruler Jeanne I will roll for at every opportunity with everything I have and still not get them. Gameplay influences me to a large degree as well since I love everyone. Occasionally I will only throw tickets at certain targets but those are pretty rare and usually because of a super important and imminent target like the LB2 servants before Skadi who I wanted desperately to make my quick servants shine.

From a gameplay standpoint, it’s relevant to ask whether or not you use ST Archers very often in the first place. It’s a niche I’ve never needed, so I skip Archuria entirely.

Jarcher has ultra-noodle NP1 damage, but she’s excellent if properly enabled, especially if you’re invested in raising her NP level and/or helping her out with grails etc. She’ll keep getting better and better for AoE event farming with Tamamo and Bride’s upgrades, and eventually Castoria.

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In that case, Artoria Archer is absolutely and undeniably the call. Unless, as someone earlier stated, you intend on going further with Jeanne Archer (at least np2, but probably np3). She is disgusting at higher np levels and utterly disappointing at lower ones.

To be fair, Archuria is so broken she’s beyond ST Archer niche, she can benchpress stuff with neutral damage when enabled. That’s my experience with the one I own at NP1, and seeing someone else complete most if not all NA challenge quests running Archuria comps. She’s a better return on investment than JArcher if sticking to NP1 because of the noodle damage you speak of. She was my Lostbelt 2 MVP in the Sigurd fights anyway.

That being said, looking ahead in the future, NA won’t be dipping in ST content too much and JArcher gets exponentially better with Castoria. Archuria too (although she just gets even better at what she was already great if not overkill at) but at this point one might wonder if it’s not better to invest in a DPS who’ll loop and crap damage but also pack utility (like Dioscuri).

Imo there’s no right answer, but a NP1 JArcher will be fairly useless for two years while Archuria will never stop being a staple ST DPS, be it in blitz environment or stall. I don’t think it’s worth gimping one’s account for an unproven meta two years in the future, at least not yet. Archuria is a proven excellent commodity.


Archuria’s only worth it if you use her. As powerful as she is, the occasion for even an NP-refunding ST Archer to shine is relatively rare unless you deliberately prioritize using her over a more conventional and faster setup for the majority of nodes.

CQs are well and good, but there are sooo many ways to handle them, and they are such a small portion of the content that I would hesitate to recommend for that reason unless the player lacked options to begin with.

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I mean, yeah that works. My POV is rather that if you’re looking for a ST DPS Archuria is top tier and worth rolling for, while JArcher (especially at NP1) in her respective AOE category can be safely skipped for better options. Of course the game is more AOE heavy because farming and all.


I should mention also… For farming I do have np2 dantes and a max skadi… Also have nps 2 achilies w same skadi. But they’re quick, not arts. Don’t know of that matters much.