Roll for Nero Caster Upcoming or save for Merlin Banner?

I am stumped, I have a pretty solid front line in my team of only a few classes, when I borrow an advantageous support, I lack the support casters to back them up and often struggle in quests & hard battles.

It looks like Merlin is the go to super OP support mage and would really help but I am wondering if Nero could substitute his power as her banner is upcoming sooner?

What are your thoughts?

If you don’t have enough damage dealers support servants are a faster way of having good teams

Umu comes back in the new year.

Merlin hasn’t come back yet in JP.

Roll for Merlin.


Umu caster is more of an offensive caster while Merlin is a support caster. They play different roles. It looks like you need support rather than another DPS so I suggest for you to save for Merlin.

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If you feel that you need support then certainly try for Merlin. If support is needed then going for a top tier, essentially broken one is a fine choice. Especially between a much more offensive caster servant with some supportive qualities.

Of course it will always be much easier to find that Merlin support than an offensive Caster. But best to pull for what you need the most and is best at that role. Although the most important thing is just to pull servants you like and will enjoy using. You can fill out a roster with a variety of options beyond just the most powerful. And that Merlin banner should be timed along with the free 4* ticket and there are some support Casters in there.

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Merlin is the clear winner gameplaywise. Rolling for the top tier supports over damage dealers is the best investment if all your care about is gameplay. Plus this will be Merlin’s only rate up for at least 2 years and likely more. Nero definitely cannot substitute him as she isn’t a support, she’s a damage dealer who can situationally use one of her buffs on a teammate but realistically you’d use it on herself 9/10 times. She is really good at what she does though.

That said, you don’t need to feel forced to roll for supports. The game isn’t hard enough to justify pulling purely for gameplay imo, so unless you actually like Merlin as well you don’t have to feel bad if you don’t roll for him.

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save for skadi

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On the other hand, if you like Umu and everybody seems to have Merlin in the support list (and especially if you have Waver or other decent support), then by all means try to get her. That is what I am doing.

I’m with Inka on both accounts. It’s not at all rare for a maxed out 10/10/10 Merlin to be on some friends roster though,so if one is enough you can make do with that easily.

I would like to add two things though,time to save and fringe benefits. If you choose Umu you’ll have less time to save,however there are other interesting servants you can get without impeding her rate up. Alternatively if you pick Merlin you’ll have more time to save but I don’t think any other interesting 4 stars come with him,could be wrong.

Just food for thought,hope it helps.

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cough Lalter cough


Figured I was missing someone,much thanks. Can also pick her with the ticket if one doesn’t wind up picking Merlin between the two,whereas summer servants are limited.

Well, one is a near game breaking Buster/Buster Crit support and the other is probably the best offensive Caster in the game, but she’s still a Caster (.9 attack modifier).

actually really hoping lalter shows up for me during my merlin rolls

Well… Considering Merlin doesn’t come back anymore. In your case I’d go for Merlin. Nero comes back next year and she has a Single Rate Up during New Years 2021 (or Thanksgiving 2020. No idea what NA has in plan for us).
But I suggest: Roll for who you want more.

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Nero Summer will have more rate ups.

Merlin has yet to have a new rate up after his second.Plus, in this game, supports>>>ALL

If you have Merlin, Waver, Tamamo and Skadi, anything can become a beast in your hand. Sure, you can pick them from Friends, but having the cheat engines yourself flexibilize the DPS choices for fast-farming/Challenge Quests. Also Double Merlin/Skadi degeneracy is dank civilization and can clear almost anything.

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Roll for your favorite.

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Merlin is an amazing support, and having your own means you can trivialize most if not all game content with a friend’s Merlin and another servant tailored to the fight.

Nero is a great offensive support, but doesn’t come anywhere near the game-destroying shenanigans Merlin can accomplish when paired with other servants. That said, Merlin is commonly found on other people’s support list. You’ll likely always have access to one even if you personally never roll him. I’d say pick based on who you want to have, as to my knowledge no game content requires the sheer game-breaking potential two Merlins can yield.

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If you’re serious about rolling for Merlin, then this is your last chance for the foreseeable future. You don’t explicitly need him – there are always other comps and teams which can pull you through challenge quests – but Double Merlin with its stacked Avalon regen and double invincibility is about as easy as it gets for current NA content.

That said, I ran the quartz spreadsheets, and it looks like we have roughly 380 quartz coming to us from now 'till the end of the Merlin banner. That’s enough for a decent shot at Merlin even if you do blow all of your current quartz. There’s one major problem with the idea that you can save for the rerun next summer, though – Skadi’s banner follows soon afterward, and like Merlin, she has no foreseeable future banners beyond that. I imagine if you’re seriously considering Merlin for gameplay advantages, Skadi will strongly appeal to you as well. But as always, pull whoever you like!

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Umu comes back in the new year.

Of 2021, unless you count GSSRs :fgo_umu:

I know, cause I check the projected 2020 New Year’s banner like 5 times a day! Way too many servants I want on that one! :fgo_pout:

Thanks for the opinion, btw where did you come up with the 380 quartz coming to us until the banner?