Roll Thread Request System: Important Community Poll!

First off, hello everyone. :wave:

Background Context:

In case you're lost about this whole affair.

As you might know, in recent months we’ve had Roll Thread creation problems, in particular with timing, or what some might call “sniping” or “hogging” threads weeks, months, and sometimes years in advance. As a result, the FGO Roll thread request thread became a thing, along with the policy of needing an official NA announcement to request and make a thread. Though, with the recent thread discussion over the last couple of days, some big (somewhat contentious) questions became apparent. We had some suggestions from various users and that boiled down to needing a poll. I made an original proposal-based poll (which will be linked below) but that didn’t really encompass all options and conflated two main questions. In addition to that, it really should have been its own main thread for accessibility concerns and all.


We are currently trying to get a democratic authority-decision on the Roll Thread procedures for FGO GP. As you might know, we’ve had procedure problems for a while. From what I gather from @Flower_Hermit, we make and follow our own system, and Flower/mods will essentially only intervene whenever a user ignores it intentionally. We have two options to make, a poll for each below. (0) Whether to give the same user the opportunity of making part 1 and part 2 threads of an event (“Righ of Continuation”), and (1) whether we want a “calling thread” or “planned sign up” system. The point is simply to stop thread sniping from long ‘time-distances’.

Quick Note for why this is a genuine problem.

There’s reason to believe that if we simply go back to the anarchy system the continuation of thread sniping will simply continue. Thread sniping not only disrupts the community and event experience (by being off-time) but also takes the opportunity away from other less public users to get a piece of the pie and share their own excitement on the event story and servants. If we don’t have a system it is very possible that it will simply continue, but* this is up for discussion (below)!

Now, the initial question (0) is motivated by a conversation that led to this proposal by @Fall-Moon:

The follow-up question (1) is motivated by the same conversation leading to this proposal by @OwlCafe:

Now, this last one requires someone to keep a Wiki/document up-to-date but I did not ask both of these users before posting their proposal in this thread (sorry about that!) so it can be anyone who is willing to help really, ideally with a backup.

There are two polls here that will be open indefinitely, but, say 3-days from now I (and others) will all check on the results and will implement whichever option has the highest approval rate. Please read both proposals and the current system carefully before voting. (Conversations from the FGO Roll thread request thread also have context for why there are certain rules/methods in those proposals in case you’re wondering about any of them so it might be worth a quick skin-read.)

Roll Thread Decision Poll.

Question 0. Implement “Right of Continuation”? (Currently we don’t have this.)

  • Yes, users may have the opportunity to do both Part 1 and Part 2 threads.
  • No, users may not do any consecutive threads.

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Question 1. Should we have “Planned sign ups” or “Calling threads” as they are announced? (Currently, it’s the latter system.)

  • Planned sign up and ranked on Wiki post/document.
  • As announced. First come, first served basis.
  • Neither, something else. (Explain below)

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You can find the original (and now null) poll post I made here. That one was conflating the two questions and this kind of poll needed better accessibility so I have redone it here as an independent thread.

Important Note copied from the previous poll I made.

“It should be known that I’m not a mod and don’t have any particular authority over this. This whole thing is mostly done as a community collective so I’d figure the best way to go about this was to get a democratic authority-decision from everyone on this. All FGO GP peeps are free to help and discuss things equally, we just gotta decide on something first.”

Hope I didn’t miss anything. That’s all!


Short statement from my side: This sh*t got out of hand.

But since I’m partly to blame for this mess, I wanna take responsibility as good as possible and stick to it until the end, when the majority is happy.

Objectively speaking though: Any outsiders who come this forum and see stuff like this… They must think a part of this community is downright crazy. :fgo_dshy:


You don’t have to be an outsider to think that


You know, it’s alright. I think when I did the Saber War re-run thread a few days early and that started a slight snowball effect and so I kinda am also responsible too, just less visibly. :fgo_nitosheets:

Just wondering what people will decide for I guess.

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I’ll copy paste what I said there and then I’m out:

I just wanna say something, Superfan or not, you are not the only one that matters.

We’re in a community to participate in it, a system that allows maximum participation, even at the cost of leaving a few members wanting is worth something here. You got one thread, let someone get the other, or are we really that shallow as a community to not allow that?

A fair system isn’t one that allows equal opportunity all the time, it is one that is built on certain compromises.

I don’t make roll threads often, but I wanted to try for Ooku P2, but seeing all this drama cements one thing, I’m not gonna be trying for it.

Right of Continuation or not I think we all can agree, that we can miss out on something in favour of allowing someone else a chance, it is not your experience alone, and we should at the very least try to be a community that can share.
Also what exactly are you missing out on? We are a community aren’t we? Then your thread or not may dampen your spirit a bit, but it certainly does not stop you from enjoying the occasion all the same, furthermore it does not stop you from posting in the other thread what you planned to post in your own. Is getting the OP that important to you all?


Nah, us going crazy is if we ever start banning people off the site like an episode of survivor where we all vote people off, this is just a low drama thing IMO.

No one’s making a campaign against anyone, no insults are being flung, it’s chill and something that’s fine to, at least IMO, to bring to public discussion

But then again, you know I’m mostly indifferent to “internet points” stuff like this. People can still comment and talk in the threads, so I just flat out don’t get it


Zero wheres the “Show Vote” option I cant find it :fgo_gudako:

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I wonder if I can talk a few people into a ban thread, like a dozen people volunteering for a thread and they each vote each other off, like one the one hand it might be toxic, on the other, it might be a good incentive to advertise GP boost. Might be worth bringing up in mod chat


Unfortunately, it’s only visible upon vote since I didn’t want bias prior to voting, but that makes it complicated I know. You could ask someone who voted to send a screenshot though. :catlie:

Edit:(It doesn’t let you edit polls after 5 minutes.)


Thats not haram of you Zero, how am I supposed to judge other people and their bad votes if I cant see them god damn :catdestroy:


Also if I dare state a opinion, I dunno how good the “First come, first served basis” is since playing a NA oriented game means people from NA might’ve an advantage over other timezones that might be asleep at the time news in NA comes out (I dunno how the news outlet in FGO works, but that’s what Im guessing)

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I vote for scrapping all the roll thread rules and just letting people post in whatever thread they want.

Telling a fan they can’t make a roll thread is not fun. Telling someone they can’t post in a thread they like cause someone else called dibs isn’t fun.

Isn’t this supposed to be a site for fan discussion and fun? Let the community decided who gets what roll thread by posting in it.

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That’s just opening the door for favoritism where the same person makes all the roll threads and most major news threads like in feh gp and if anyone else makes one its ignored

If people dislike that why don’t they just post in a different posters thread?

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Slight tangent but

If you don’t like the way that goes, do you have a proposed solution?

I’m not saying I have a solution, I’ve never been good at the solution part of finding an issue and fixing it

Does the person who makes the threads generally make good threads?

Theres not really much of a difference between theirs and anyone else, my point isn’t really even that they are good or bad, just that favoritism is best avoided imo

If you have a problem with it, talk to Umbriel directly

Otherwise, I’d think it best not to complain about and misrepresent someone when you know they won’t see it