Rolled for the wrong banner? How'd it happen and did it turn out ok?

Any of you rolled for the wrong banner by mistake but ended up with a pull that you didn’t mind?

Woke up this morning groggy and intended to get my obligatory FP gacha but accidentally clicked on the regular 10x pull for the story banner. Managed to NP 2 Vlad III, who’s my mainstay lancer so I can’t complain.

What unintentional rolls ended up working out for you?

One time I remember I did a 10x pull instead of scratching the gacha itch with tickets. At least a familiar face showed up to greet me. Sadly, it was Kirei and his sexy body. I managed to MLB it, at least. So that’s better than nothing.


Summer 1, somehow I forgot rotating banners were a thing, like completely. I really wanted a st lancer and didn’t have much preference between Kiyo and tama. So I rolled on yuri pirate day after frantic sq farming. Ended up with np2 pirate, np2 Fionn (:fgo_badciv:), arjuna and my second saberlot. Considering that saberlot is one of my all time favorite gameplay servant, not a complete loss (especially considering cu now has 5 st lancer backups).


Accidentally rolled story banner one day.

Nothing of note.


Well my sleep deprived self rolled a tenner on Story and got Tristan.

10/10 will never do again.


Accidentally Story summon early in my game.
Got Salter.


I rolled story banner once but managed to realize my mistake fast enough that I stopped it (Closed the app) before the loading screen.

I am certain that had Fou shown up doing his running animation I would have been screwed.


I went to roll for daily friend points and dropped my phone. In the process of catching it, I swiped over to Story Summon and pressed 10 point summon. I thought it was still on the friend point screen, so I confirmed before I realized what had happened when I had it securely back in my hand.

I got Enkidu and my first Imaginary Element.

That’s the only time I’ve accidentally hit the wrong banner, and it did make me foolishly think I had some boosted luck. I got a couple other CEs from Story gacha, but nothing good so far by rolling for it on purpose on that account.


All my oops rolls stayed as mistakes with nothing but same CEs that I could mlb atleast 10 time if i didnt burn them.

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Accidentally used a ticket on the story banner and ended up with NP1 Columbus, decent trade off. If I ever get him to NP5 I can see myself using him regularly.