Rollings on anniversary banners for 4*s, bait?

Hi guys, looking at the current anniversary banner and it has the second lot of camelot servants. I love Nito so am tempted to roll but of course split rate up doesn’t give good odds. And she can spook as she is in the general pool. Looking into the future she doesn’t seem to have any rate ups though.

So, is rolling for her on this banner a waste of quartz? I.e. Is it a bait?


Anniversary banners most definitely aren’t bait in that way

I don’t think we agree on the definition of a “bait” banner.

Generally, that term is used to describe a banner with little value or extreme opportunity cost. So banners with no rate-ups, or rate-ups for popular servants that occur right before new, major content releases.

A shared banner with one of the most anticipated and powerful servants in the game, whom has already had one solo rate-up on the same banner, doesn’t qualify as “bait” by any definition.

That being said, shared rate-ups are generally not ideal for acquiring specific servants. I especially wouldn’t roll for non-limited/story locked SRs on shared rate-ups.

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Yeah, all these banners have fantastic options available on rate up. I definitely wouldn’t pull uniquely in an attempt to land Nito - she can spook anytime and eventually we’ll get an SR ticket you can spend on her if no one else tempts you. But if you don’t have any major wants on the horizon (hello Summer 3…) and/or a good number of quartz there’s no shame in taking a few rolls on this banner - you have a good chance of getting something worthwhile even if it’s not Nito.

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I very very luckily rolled Skadi on her solo rate up so not too keen on rolling much if at all. Don’t feel like i need np 2 so only really trying for Nito or Ozy.
Which is why I feel like since she can spook it isn’t worth rolling just for Nito.

All 3 of my Nitocris pulls were spooks (including one on skadi’s solo day), yet rolling casgil rate up only netted me tama cat :woman_shrugging: hard to say what gatcha will give you (besides salt)


Went for 150 quartz since I got Skadi without spending much and got lancelot np2 and Ozy boi!
Need to resist rolling more…


I want to just say that the Camelot movie will be released soon and you can all but bet Nito will be on a special rate-up Banner when That hits NA.

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I want to say that, as well, but is it actually true? I heard it had been delayed indefinitely due to COVID. Has there been an update?!?

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Only update I have heard about is that HF has a date this fall/autumn.

August 15.

Camelot will probably be next year.

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