Rosa Banner Thread

Got her in 40 pulls, so the 32nd pull.
Really interesting attack pattern, going to try her tomorrow.
Too much Genshin for the day.
Also out of mats, probably going to take a while to E2 her.


Not insanely lucky but definitely good enough.

Took me 4 10-pulls to get Rosa.

First got me a Feater, which is fine cause I didn’t have her, yet.

2nd gave me a dupe Istina.

3rd gave me a dupe Broca and Angelina.

Bit sad about no Leonhardt cause he’s delicious but I’m not willing to spend more on the banner.


Just a FYI that the stress in her name goes to the last syllable.


51 rolls on the banner, 62 on the pity meter, but I got her:

4 x 5 stars: Nightmare (2), Istina (19), Leonhardt (35) & (43).
8 Podencos


I got fricking scammed
Did 30 pulls
5 beehunter, 2 podenco, 2 deepcolor, 1 frostleaf, and 1 istina
The rest are all fang, midnight, and lava
What are the fricking odds


Sadly, the desire censor doesn’t sleep T_T

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Two 10x pull, 3 Rosa and one Apple Pie (new 6 star), no leonhart though


Oh that’s bullshit
How many dullers do i have to spend for that kind of pull

Throw singles x5. Got a spooks six star.

A sniper spooks that is…

Well I guess I can burn that APPLE PIE fan next time…


Hopefully that’ll satisfy you

I threw 2 10 rolls, got leonhart, pot 3 Provence and pot 2 podenco. So I need more 40 to 50 rolls to break pity… I’m looking forward to that. And pot 1 executor, forgot about him.



So… I decided to opened my alternate account that i haven’t check in a while.
I only got one roll worth of orundum so i tried to just pull.I dont care about my second account at all.
Just kinda get her on the first try

I wish it was in my main account…:cry:
But i guess Beggars can’t Choose…

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Still not gotten her, but who knows.
As always, my approach is positive and optimistic.

If my free Orundrum will give me her in these days, that’s oustanding.

If not, then i am a step closer to break the pity trigger for another banner

Ok, so I tried another 30 pull in order to get Leonhardt and I got

Another Apple Pie in 20 roll, but

Got Leonhardt in the next 10 roll, got Swire pot 6, and Istina pot 2
Damn, why do lower rarities are much harder to get than higher rarity, CC banner it took me 3 Bagpipes before I got Sesa, in fgo summer it took me np3 Jeanne and np4 BB in order to get np1 Ushi and np1 Medb. Ok enough ranting, I’ll post my Rosa here to stay with the topic

Gotta level her later but because of her weird range, I guess I’ll level APPLE PIE first.


Maybe this is also Apple pie rate up banner then XD

My first copy of Nightingale with my 2nd single pull, but no Podenco with my others pulls.

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So it took a while to E2 her.
Basically Genshin has taken over all of my spare time.
I wish Arknights has some kind of sanity bank. I think I’ve lost about 100 + sanity this week :sweat_smile:. But thankfully I still able to finish daily.


More than 24 pulls just to have my first copy of Podenco, this girl hate me for sure (or Rosa) and no other 5 or 6 stars except the Nightingale above.
I should have stopped after the 2nd pull but i really wanted a Podenco or maybe a Rosa and it’s not even for Waifu reason. :roll_eyes:


I don’t think you are missing much.

Ynless it is for waifu reasons, Rosa is skippable.

…won’t stop me from trying to get her, but i won’t cry if i miss her

Spooknights ko ko da… …

Throw 5 more tickets and she come… WTF her banner is not Rose…



Magallan, have you escaped from your own banner? Do you have no shame? -_-