Rosmontis: Should I go for S2M3 or S3M3?

Hello! I finally E2’ed my Rosmontis yesterday and finally tackling on the ultimate question of whether I should
max her S2 or S3. I’ve read and watched some facts and opinions on her S2 and S3, but I would like others’ recommendation taking my other units into consideration as well so I can get a more specific advice.

Resource is also quite limited on my end, material and EXP-wise, so I would prefer to only get one skill maxed for now and focus on getting other operators to E2.

Here’s my own thought on each skills, feel free to comment or criticize on it:

  • S2 looks nice because it looks like it has great uptime (not that much difference in terms of DPS to S1 though iirc) and good crowd-control with that high chance of applying stun.
    I do have other units for crowd-control usage e.g. Angelina S3M3, Manticore S1M3, W S2M3, and Projekt Red R7. But Angelina and Manticore doesn’t provide hard disable like stuns, W’s cannot be manually guided, and Projekt Red’s only during deployment. In that regard, S2M3 Rosmontis could be great.

  • On the other hand, S3 damage just looks so massive and juicy, with high damage potential too considering the DEF reduction from the summons and the fact that the damage can overlap (some claims with the overlapping damage, it can reach higher damage than SA). It also has a considerable uptime considering it’s a powerful AoE Phys. Burst.
    However, I’m keeping in mind that I also have other units that is capable of doing high physical damage e.g. Blaze S2M3 (Consistent AoE Phys. DPS), SA S3M3 (High Burst Phys. AoE Attack), and Schwarz S3M3 (Massive Phys. Boss Killer/Single Target).

That said, I’m looking forward to hear from y’all doctahs! Below I’ve attached some screenshots for units I have E2’ed and their masteries for better insight.

Cheers and thanks in advance!


Her S3 is great and it gains a lot from mastery. Almost double the atk bonus, -14 SP cost, those are pretty big. I’d definitely recommend it.

S2 is useful sometimes but it’s fine at level 7. The attack increase doesn’t matter as much because it’s not a damage-focused skill. The sp cost difference is small. The main advantage from mastery is the stun time increase from 1.1s to 1.5s. But she takes over 3s to attack with this skill and it doesn’t always stun so it’s not like the enemies are going to be locked down either way.


S2 :
-4 sp cost
+4 sec skill duration
+%25 atk
+0.4 stune duration increase

S3 :
-14 sp cost
+3 sec skill duration
+%35 atk
+0.5 stune duration incerese

Probably s3 better if you want to just upgrade 1 ability. S2 have good sp req. and stun duration without upgrade.