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So I’m kind of stuck at the moment. I’m having trouble figuring out what servants would be good additions to my team. I’m currently looking for a good rider servant and a Single target caster(maybe even a better option at saber). Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. Here’s what I’m working with

Well, you are in luck cuz the current event gives you ryouma. A strong ST arts rider. So you are done with that.

Not alot of single target casters around. 3 star will be medea who is decent at NP5 as she can spam it.
5 star will be sanzang.

Alternatively, you get mecha eli chan welfare later in the year and she’s good. so, i can recommend holding it out for her. Thats the free options.

As for rolls, you have parvati and waver. So, definitely roll for skadi who is coming soon. Its a MUST so you can 3 turn NP with parvati! I hope she’s NP2 or better.
Fran sort of can work with her too but you don’t have someone for debuff immunity like BB.

You do have gil caster. So, i can recommend rolling for jeanne archer this summer as well. You are sorta lacking archers.

Fujino, level her. Arash, not levelled???

You dont have a good saber. Might wanna wait for benienma or nero bride next year.

Sieg should be raised. He’s good.

Oh you rolled for okada? Nice. Hope he’s NP3. Definitely raise him. The assassin people are waiting for is kama. next year.

Chacha is alright. But her NP damage is lacking even at NP5. Convenient though if you get her NP charge to level 10. It would function like a 20% NP gauge charge for wave 3.

Spartacus? Not levelled???

Thanks for the advice. Unfortunately I can’t get Ryouma because I haven’t finished the last singularity yet so rip there. Should I be leveling arash and Spartacus? They don’t seem like they’d be very good(I know arash is a decent servant for farming, but idk if he’s worth it). I have been thinking about leveling fujino and sieg, but I just had other priorities as far as leveling. Is skadi actually that good? If so I’ll definitely look at getting her(although my luck with summons has been not very good so far). That’s all I guess, again I appreciate the advice man.

Might I suggest using that button in the lower left corner of the screen? That makes it so you can display more Servants on the screen. Just a suggestion since I find it makes things easier when it comes to scrolling and finding a particular Servant.


Oof… Kinda expected it but yeah… too bad.

If not Ryouma then mid or late July, we should be getting the rerun of last year’s Summer event so you’ll be able to get Rider Ishtar so you have an AoE Rider.

For ST I recommend Ushiwakamaru. Top ST Rider among the 1-3* and her easy NP5 can even outdamage a 5* at NP1.

ST Casters are relatively rare. Medea is the only low rarity one, but her damage sucks because the damage multiplier on her NP is lower than normal. As in, at NP5 after her NP upgrade the multiplier is 900%, which is the same as the NP1 multiplier of any other ST Arts Servant BEFORE they get an NP upgrade. In short, the damage sucks. She makes up for it by having great NP refund and NP Gain, letting her spam her NP relatively easily, but it’s still annoying.

As for the others, Sanzang is a 5* (general pool but still a 5* and we know how hard it is to get one) and Midrash Caster is story-locked so the most likely one to be summoned at some point is Okeanos Caster, who is in the general pool. She’s still a 4* though so there’s no guarantee you will get her.

If you can wait though, this year’s Halloween event gives Caster Shuten as a welfare, so you have an easy NP5 ST Caster. And before you get her, the Halloween Rerun from last year gives Mecha Eli-chan, ST Alter Ego so you can use her as a substitute for ST Assassins and ST Riders until you have others.

As for others… I uh… notice you don’t have a lot of the 1-3* Servants. If you’ve been burning them or using them for EXP, I highly suggest you don’t do that. Make sure you have each of them at NP5 (Lock them too so you don’t burn or use them by mistake) before you start burning them for Mana Prisms or using them for EXP. Just wanted to mention that because some people do that because they think low rarities are useless.

Anyway, in case nobody’s told you yet or if you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s very much possible to clear all game content with only the 1-3* Servants. There are many videos online showing people doing so and many people here enjoy making low rarity comps as well.

So if you haven’t yet, I suggest checking GP’s Tier list for 1-3* Servants. Tier lists, for me, aren’t the ‘be all end all’ kind of thing, but for the most part the tier list and the explanations are spot on with regards to the Servants. If you have any holes in your roster, check this and use Servants from Tier 1 and 2 (and even those from Tier 3) to fill the gaps. Pull the FP Gacha often (you get one free 10-roll every day) until you have all or most of the 1-3* Servants. No point saving your FP. They’re inherently weaker statwise, but they’ll hold their own until you get someone better.

These two are more QoL improvements in terms of farming. Level Arash, get his 3rd skil via Rank-up Quest, give him a CE to allow him to NP on turn 1 (his 3rd skill gives 20-30% charge) and he can nuke most Wave 1 enemies (Lancers being the only exception). Spartacus is similar in that he has an NP Charge skill, but he also comes with a self Buster buff to boost his damage. His Berserker class means he deals x1.5 damage to all classes save for Foreigners (but we don’t really have Foreigner mobs so it’s a moot issue) so he can be used to clear most enemy waves. Buff him a bit with support Servants and you can clear Wave 2 enemies, save for those with mid bosses with high HP.

If you have the resources, I recommend it. With easy NP5, Sieg will outdamage Cas Gil and he’s great at looping his NP with the proper buffs to help his NP Gain. Fujino is a bit lackluster tbh. She’s great, don’t get me wrong, but in terms of damage Euryale (against males) and Robin Hood (as long as the enemy is poisoned) will deal MUCH more NP damage. I’d still level her eventually, but I think you can hold off on her for now.

Caesar is a pretty decent ST Saber so you should be fine using him. For AoE Saber Lily is pretty vanilla but with NP5 she hits really hard so she’ll be fine if all you need her for is clearing enemy waves.

This is a bit of a controversial topic. And mind you, this is just my opinion. I’m sure a lot of people have a different opinion and they’re just as valid.

I'll keep it in here so nobody has to read it if they don't want to.

Skadi is NOT a must-have Servant.

Skadi is great but mainly if you have the right Servants to pair her with. She’s known for being able to help Quick AoE Servants loop their NPs multiple times in a row for easy farming, and for providing powerful Quick buffs for Quick ST Servants to kill bosses easier.

If you wanna use her for NP Looping Double Skadi shenanigans, you’ll need the right Servants (usually at high skill and NP levels too for better damage, overkill, and NP refund) and, more often than not, the right CE.

Skadi NP Looping Chart

As you can see, Parvati has a lot of possible options provided you have the right CE. Kaleidoscope (MLB or not works), MLB Holy Night Supper, MLB Magical Girl Sapphire, MLB Little Halloween Devil, or MLB Distant Pilgrimage.

Kaleidoscope is a 5* CE and many people (except whales) have trouble getting even one copy. Holy Night Supper and Little Halloween Devil were Event CEs and the rerun is already over so they won’t be coming back. Distant Pilgrimage was the 5* Gacha CE of the Apoc Event and comes back in 2 years if you really want to try for it. Magical Girl Sapphire is the 5* Gacha CE of the Prisma Codes event, which we have a rerun for February of 2021 if you want to try rolling for it. Just remember you need Sapphire or Pilgrimage at MLB, so you need 5 copies.

So as you can see, while Skadi is a great Servant, using her for NP looping requires quite a lot. So if you want her JUST to use her for Double Skadi NP Looping, be ready to invest a lot.

If you want her in general, go ahead and roll for her. She’s great. You can use her without any of the NP looping setups above. You just won’t be doing 3 turns of back-to-back-to-back NPs. But she’s still a great support Servant with a massive Quick buff, 50% NP Charge, Crit buffs, and team-wide Evade.

If you don’t like her, then don’t roll for her. Again, she’s NOT a must-have.

Anyway, rant over.

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What makes Arash good is that his AoE NP has an unusually high damage multiplier, so he hits ridiculously hard for a 1-star, and he has a self charge of up to 30%. The best part is that his NP also instantly kills him, so you can use him to nuke wave 1 with a starting charge CE (MLB Imaginary Element is perfect for this) and then you get your first backline servant to replace him. It’s extremely efficient.

That being said, unless you have a servant who can donate charge, or a starting charge CE of 70% or more, his gimmick may not be worth investing in, yet. Just keep him in mind.

Spartacus is also a great farmer. He’s class-neutral as a berserker, has an NP battery, and a mana burst, so he actually hits pretty hard. A great choice to nuke wave one or two, but may have issues on third waves.

Skadi is one of the Big Four support servants, which are unarguably the most powerful and impactful servants you can own. Even if you can’t pull off her NP-looping gimmick, she still has a targetable 50% NP battery, which is nearly as good as Waver’s. She’s not quite on the level of Merlin or Waver outside of Quick teams, but that still puts her as the third best servant in the game. From a pure power standpoint, you won’t find more value for your quartz than one of the Big Four. I’d highly recommend picking her up, if you are able.

Is it better to have a single target caster or berserker for assassin bosses? That’s kinda the only reason I’m looking for one. I do have some of my 1-3* servants np5, but I’m just not sure why I should do that with all of them, maybe you could explain why? As for the campaign, I haven’t beaten it yet because of all the events that have been happening. I’ve been more focused on those then beating the story lol. I’m currently on the Babylonia part(close to the end). I’ll definitely check out some of these casters and see how they look and hopefully I’ll find one that suits my style(even though my style is just do damage, win battle, easy time). I’ll have to do some more research on skadi, but she does sound pretty high cost to get her to work. I appreciate all the advice man

There were very few ST casters up until recently. Majority of the playerbase will run an Alter Ego or a Berseker. A ST caster is more of a luxury than a necessity.

I’ll definitely look at leveling them. You can never have too many farming servants I guess. As for skadi, I’ll just have to see what happens. Right now she sounds like a pain to get her to work properly so idk. Thanks for the insight into arash and Spartacus.

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How worth is it to get one the extra class servants, like alter ego or avenger?

Alter Ego is nice to have, Avenger is much more limited/needs proper teams comps in general. You get a strong Alter ego in a few months for free though

Just going to second and emphasize the usefulness of this as someone still learning the ropes. It’s easy to grt hung up on the numbers, but the numbers matter so much less than the individual descriptions therein; check them out. I don’t wholly agree, though that too is immaterial here compared to figuring what is even up with everyone.

You’ll be able to get one this Halloween with ONILAND should you complete up to Lostbelt 2 (the second part of the second story after P1, you can skip P1.5 with regards to event necessities as they are never required on that end). Not unreasonable. On top of reduced Part 1 AP costs, there will be reduced LB2 AP costs in the lead up to it.

You will also get an ST Berserker welfare this Summer, with Servant Summer Festival (“ServaFes”), in Jeanne d’Arc Alter (Berserker). So, don’t feel obligated to roll for an ST Caster or Berserker you don’t super want to use for yourself.

Casters have a 0.9 class ATK multiplier so, with full class advantage, that’s 0.9 x 2.0 = 1.8 Damage.
Zerks have 1.1 class ATK multiplier, with Zerk class advantage that’s 1.1 x 1.5 = 1.65 Damage multiplier.

It’s overly simplified since there’s still a lot to the actual damage formula, but that’s roughly it. Caster’s only deal SLIGHTLY more damage so Zerks can do the job just as well.

Personally, I would always go with direct class advantage. Zerks are squishy and can die to a stray crit if you get unlucky. A Caster with full class advantage will survive much, much longer.

If you have no alternative, go ahead and bring an ST Zerk. Just be sure to bring along someone with DEF buffs, targetable/team-wide Evade/Invincibility, preferably heals as well, and/or Taunts to keep your Zerk alive. If you only need a one and done ST Zerk, Lu Bu still ranks among the highest in terms of NP Damage, competing even against NP1 5* Servants.

You mean getting them all to NP5? That’s because most of the 1-3* Servants are very much usable in place of a high rarity counterpart. Your roster is still very much underdeveloped. You’ll want one ST and one AoE Servant from each class at a MINIMUM. Unless you spend money for SQ for more rolls, you can’t always count on getting the Servant you need from the Gacha. And so, low rarities are your best friend.

But having them only at NP1 isn’t going to do you any favors. Increased NP levels increases the damage dealt by a lot. And the only way a low rarity can compete with the damage of a high rarity is the fact that they can get their NP5s very easily.

You mentioned needing an ST Rider. So we’ll use that as a concrete example.

NP1 Ozymandias at max level (90) with 1k ATK Fous can deal an average of 42k Neutral damage with only his own buffs at level 10.

NP1 Ushiwakamaru at max level (70) with 1k ATK Fous can deal an average of 25k Neutral Damage with skill 2 at level 1.

NP5 Ushiwakamaru at max level (70) with 1k ATK Fous can deal an average of 41k Neutral Damage with skill 2 at level 10.

NP5 Ushiwakamaru at max level (70) with 1k ATK Fous AND her skill upgrade coming next month to give her a Quick Buff can deal an average of 50k Neutral Damage with skill 1 and 2 at level 10

That’s neutral damage so all those numbers will be doubled against Caster or Berserker enemies.

As you can see, Ushi is more than Ozy’s equal strictly in terms of NP Damage. And you can see that 16k damage jump from NP1 to NP5. And all these are just with their own buffs. No buffs at all from other Servants.

All the 1-3* will have huge jumps in NP damage as long as you get them to NP5. Not all of them can reach the levels of a 5*, but they’ll certainly do a much better job at actually doing their job if you can get them to that peak.

There’s no need to actually level all of them just yet. Level and Ascend those you need for now, but get them ALL up to NP5 even if you aren’t going to use them just yet. Raising NP levels doesn’t even cost much in terms of QP so there’s practically no reason not to do it.

You’ll want a large and varied roster to be prepared for any situation. Also, FGO is not one of those games where you can throw away the 1-3* as soon as you get a 4* or 5* replacement. There are some low rarities that can do things that no high rarity can. And as I said in the previous post, clearing the game using only the low rarities is very much possible. Harder, but not impossible.

Not like some other games where it’s practically impossible.

Right, sorry if I made her sound this way. But remember that all those I mentioned are only IF you want to use her for Quick NP Looping.

Even outside of the NP Looping gimmicks, she’s still one of the four Support Kings. The values on her buffs are pretty high and she has a lot of utility in her kit. 50% NP Charge, 50% Quick buff, 100% Crit Damage Buff on Quick cards, 30% Crit damage buff, teamwide Evade, teamwide Instant Death immunity, teamwide Damage Cut, and a DEF and Crit debuff on all enemies.

She’s great to have but, as I said, not a must have. So if you want her for her utility, go for it.

Alter Egos are good substitutes if you’re missing an ST or AoE Servant from one of the Cavalry classes (Rider, Caster, Assassin) or if you’re fighting mixed cavalry class enemies. Better than Zerks in that they don’t receive double damage from those classes, but slightly worse than the class advantage counterparts since they only deal x1.5 damage instead of the usual x2.0. They also only deal half damage against Knight classes (Saber, Lancer, Archer), so mixed nodes involving those aren’t good for Alter Egos.

Avengers only really shine against Zerks and Rulers, but since Avengers tend to have high ATK stats they still do decent neutral damage against other classes.

In general, Extra classes are more a luxury class. They’re one of those ‘good to have’ things for when you need them but not an absolute necessity.

You are near Solomon. It is highly recommended you rush it so that you can do the current event for ryouma. It’s a long event. You have time to complete it.

I will be abit concerned about how you will clear the first fight for the event though as you will have no support. But Maybe just use CS and SQ revive will still be worth it just so you can get ryouma. The rest of the fights in the event are much easier.

On my alt, which is less developed than OP’s (literally no non-Sieg’s higher than 60), I just trucked in with the PFA-carrying folks, Arash for W1 (so technically sub-optimal), and didn’t even have to use CS even though I expected to because it ended in 6 turns IIRC and it can go up to ~8. OP’s got EMIYA and Shiki and Robin (Evade), a near-fully-raised Cu who can buy at minimum 2 turns, Mash’s full set of skills, and Parvati for counter-classing. It’s going to be no big deal. Especially if OP’s unlocked the Atlas Mystic Code in Chaldea Gate.

And, yeah, recommendable to apple through the final chapter IMO like Rem987 said, so you can get yourself a convenient and workable Rider. Definitely one that can take you far, all-in-all.

The first fight will actually end after a certain number of turns iirc so liberal use of Evades, Invincibilities, Cus, and DEF Buff stacking can help them outlast the turn count. And yeah, just use Command Seals to revive.

Ah. Didn’t use the guide.

I just broke her first bar and the fight ended. So I assumed that was the requirement and what OP needed to do with his roster (would be abit difficult).

I didn’t either. I took her out Turn 1. :rofl:

I just looked it up afterwards cause I was curious.

Np5 3* servants especially those with a strong niche - see Euryale, Tawara, Proto Cu will out damage 4* servants at np1, occasionally ssrs at np1. They will at least come close.

Tawara np5 vs demonic enemies will outdamage np1 Arjuna SIGNIFICANTLY anything between 25-35$ more
Euryale np5 vs Orion np1 vs male- Euryale will come close to np1 Orion damage
Babbage np5 is close to np1 damage of the top3 aoe casters- Nero, Da Vinci and Helena

It’s VERY important to np5 low stars - they fill the gaps in your roster, they are the glue that holds rosters together. Only Megawhales can field full SSR rosters and even then there is such a thing as unit cost.

On skadi, here is what i envision for you. Its pretty doable honestly. I can guarantee you won’t regret it if you roll for skadi. You are really lucky you already have waver.


Parvati, 50% CE (preferably green or with NP damage/NP gain),
Waver (CE doesnt matter)
Skadi (CE doesnt matter)
Skadi (CE doesnt matter)

So, what you do is,
Turn 1: Waver charges parvati to full. Swap with 2nd skadi. Double skadi quick buff on Parvati. Imaginary around. Parvati NP number 1.

Turn 2: Skadi 1 NP charge. Parvati charge herself with a 10% NP if needed. NP number 2.

Turn 3: Skadi 2 NP chage. Apply all buffs and debuffs and mystic code attk damage up. NP number 3.

And, that’s it. Only issue will probably be doing it when you are fighting sabers. Everything else i imagine would be fine.

And, that is why skadi was the quick meta changer.

Parvati is not the best to do this with. But, she’s one of the better ones IMHO.

I never knew 3 stars were capable over that kind of damage. I’ll make sure to keep all the 1-3* servants and np5 them when I get the chance. This is first Gacha game(idk if that’s the right term) that I’ve ever played so I didn’t know about this kind of stuff, so thanks for heads up. For skadi, I think I’ll give her a shot(if I can get her), but if not oh well. How do you guys know when certain events/servants will be available? That would be nice to know so I can plan ahead on who I should save for.