Roy's our Boyyyyy~! Check out what I got for the Binding Blade Chad the other day!

It’s been a seriously long time since I made a post like this, but I’m gonna do my best to make it as good of a post as it can be! (I almost don’t want to make it yet because I’m so close to +10ing)

Hey everyone, how are you doing? :feh_roy: I think I have something you would love to see.

So, I slowly worked my way towards getting the units I wanted on certain banners, and I got Nailah at 3.25% just sniping blues. I always thought that’d be the perfect fodder for someone. Both those skills at once? But I’ve gotten so much DC and a few Null C’s since then so I just wanted to keep her. Roy would like those skills sure, but I think I’ll wait and give him “Distant Intimidate” (+5 atk) when that comes out. I know it’s coming. Or I could give him “Distant Reflect”.

Sadly I deleted the screenshots, and I’m in the middle of auto-start on TT+ so I can’t show her off… I believe she was +atk/-spd? I wanna say +spd/-res but that’s someone else who I got recently :eyes: I do know before I checked her IVs I called the asset in a hopeful way.


Roy doesn’t need Nailah’s skills because… with patience, I obtained the perfect treasure for him.

I didn’t even pull for him with the intention of giving the skills to a certain Fiery-hair boy. But lookin through all the units who can inherit, I just felt like… you know, Roy is the one who I’ve had the longest. He’s literally right next to the Askran siblings in order obtained. And I neglected him for a long while, so he really deserved it the most. And I want to dedicate myself to maxing him out instead of putting small amounts of resources, namely dragonflowers, on different units here and there. So I did this!!

These are important, I promisee~

And of course I had to inherit the sparrow and the guard too, for whenever the situations call for it.

All the skills you’re seeing on him except for Aether, Warding Breath (rip Joint Drive Res fodder…), Wrath, Infantry Pulse and those cheaper skills that used to be better, are skills I’ve slowly given him this year to in a way go back to my roots and back to the one I used to stan, you know…

And the thing is, there are so many units I have who are better and who would use the skill better, objectively. But he’s the main. The day 1, down for life, ride or die. He’s like family. Nothing beats fam–
I just love Roy and he’s done work in the past. Good against dragons and even some really good mages, when he had the right builds. But even when maxed out, I know he’s not surviving any broken blue mages without the right support, and even then… But he’s still really good! And I’ll never abandon him again! TT

I’m really glad I gave him Atk/Spd Oath from Fallen Ike instead of the damage reduction. It was a tough decision. But this skill is gonna be so much better for him. At the time I knew I’d prefer a different DR skill anyway, especially Spurn since he’s had wrath for a long time.

I’m just really happy with him now and all the good skills and builds he has. Put him off on the sidelines for way too long, including from summoner support ); Maybe again some day.

And now for some extra important stuff

And that’s everything for now~ I could give him 1 more flower for an extra point of defense, but when I was doing this, I barely didn’t have enough to get him to 10 flowers so I decided to wait. I’m also working on maxing out Laevatein… and they both happen to be infantry…

He’s literally one merge away from being my first ever +10 in the game after playing since launch :sob::sob::sob: On and off but stilllllllLLLL, it’s such a long time coming and such a mood, PERIODT.

I’ll be back when he’s +10, I literally have 18k flowers, but my -atk Orochi who I’m heavily investing into (gave Sturdy Impact, Lull Atk/Res and Joint Drive Res) also needs at least one merge at the moment…

I hope you all enjoyed my post. Thanks for reading! I wish you all a wonderful and blessed day, and may Naga bless your summons~! :white_heart::white_heart::white_heart:


shit. I wasn’t finished when I hit save by accident
(if you guys could come back later or set it to watching I’d appreciate it :pray:t3: )


That’s not Binding Blade Chad…

This is!

And I have debated whether or not to give him Special Spiral (have the fodder, just haven’t had the overwhelming need to pull the trigger on it)

I’m sure that’s a very nice Roy though






Hey I just finished up the post if you guys want to check the new stuff (:


:feh_navarreculture: x2


sees Darting Breath and Warding Breath


All jokes aside, that’s a great Roy! Hope that last merge shows up for you soon I’d donate one of my extra copies if I could


Man I saw the first screen shot and thought this was actually going to be a Bartre post


hahaha :feh_ethlynlaugh:

Wait which one is Roy from again? xD

It’s so confusing for me because I know his game came before Eliwood’s.

Some Stuff

That could lead me to another conversation, like…I hope they could just make a sequel that has Roy and his generation’s kids instead of just remakes for everything, I’m definitely in the minority. I feel like most people don’t even have the thought cross their mind lol. They could release some sort of anime special based around Roy before the game or something. In my perfect world.

Same for Sacred Stones. I think a sequel would be pretty damn cool. Brave Eirika’s 5☆ Lv40 dialogue is what gave me the idea for that. Sadly she died in that theory. It’s like, she wants to fight to stop the wars, but the evil forces never rest, and letting your guard down because you think you’re safe is what gets you… Anywayyy lol


I would take the warding breath back in a heartbeat if I could :sob: Not even for the skills, but Legendary Ike is so much better now and yeah I never got lucky with pulling him again. I had to save orbs during his remix, so 40 pulls for a free copy wasn’t an option.

And thanks I appreciate that xD Worst case, it’ll just be 40k maybe 60k feathers later that I have him (:


I can’t apologize enough :feh_elisad:

I’m sure someone will make a post for him eventually, maybe…possibly…


Maybe if I ever actually update the build on my old one I will. But I just can’t decide on what I want lol.


what does he have on him right now, do you know?


He used to have Brazen atk/spd in the seal slot btw


Oh yeah he really could use some better skills. I wanna say damage reduction but I’m not sure how much that would help with this high speed meta going on. It’d at least really help against slower units. Non-red physical units would do close to no damage against his defense


I had considered giving him NFU, switching to +atk and going all in on being an armor killer. But now that I have a +10 B!Eirika that feels a little unnecessary. I’ve also considered N!Hana’s weapon in the past for a spd build, because he has the defense when the penalty wouldn’t be too bad and his res is crap anyway.


gotta love the 0 res. I’m assuming the first pic is your unit, the second is a builder based on what you said obviously
I am a fatal smoke enjoyer so that’s cool. I have it on my Mareeta until I get another Joint Drive. I could always sack my Lilith but I wanted her for so long and randomly summoned her a couple months ago… She’s +hp… -atk


Nah both are Builder, though the second was just as a meme. Here’s what I meant to post.