“Rule by S P E E D”

I’ve still got some improvements to make, but the most important ones have been covered!

Thank you RNGesus for giving me a +Spd Celica and Fallen Ike on my first two summons. But i can only assume my luck is gonna be dead for awhile now :feh_notlikethis:




I still feel iffy on giving her fury for some reason


It’s the only reason i can keep her under 75% consistently, but yeah, it still kills her super fast. Especially when she goes and one shots everything with Luna :feh_notlikethis:

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I still find it odd that F!Celica’s Prf gives her +4 visible stats in the unit builder :thinking:

Congrats though! I have a very similar scenario on my hands too, I’ve had +Atk and +Spd F!Celicas and 4 other manuals of her for a while (all pitybreakers), was hoping she’d get a killer refine and I could make good use of all…and now her time is nigh :feh_doublelion:

This is probably only a good idea for her first engagement to sink to < 100% HP while still receiving spectrum “buffs” (replaced by Fury’s visible stats), otherwise she runs the risk of being chipped too much and risks getting OHKOd more easily.


Mine is at +5 +atk and I still don’t know how to build her :joy:

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