Rule of 48

So this event has 4 e2+ stages, which I think is about the norm and as there are 4 squad pages I came up with an idea to get more operators into rotation:

It borrows a bit from the point system challenge we did, but way less hardcore:

The first 48 - 48 unique operators - 4 teams of unique ops to defeat the 4 e2 CM stages in the event (Ex-5, Ex-6, Ex-7, Ex-8)

The second 48 - each team can have no more or no less than 48 stars :star2:

12 x 4 stars = 48 already, so 5 and 6 stars are going to need to be accompanied by 1, 2 and 3 star operators.

Note Each team must have 12 ops - you can’t be all like, I’ll just take 8 x 6 stars :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Some examples of 48s

12x4 stars
4x6 stars, 8x3 stars
1x1 star, 2x2 stars, 3x3 stars, 2x5 stars, 3x6 stars
6x3 stars, 6x5 stars
2x6 stars, 4x5 stars, 2x4 stars, 2x3 stars, 2x1 star

There really are loads of possibilities, way too many to list

Hopefully it promotes clever use of lower rarity ops while showcasing the strength of various 5 and 6 star ops that dominate certain maps

Hope some of you will give it a try if/when you get through the disco challenge :grinning:

Anybody got any thoughts?


I think the 4 squad system is a great idea, as it plays around the problem of the point system. The fact that there are only 5x2 stars to be shared between the squads means that not each one of them can be key 6 stars with rest as low stars.

I originally started with the following pessimistic take, but in the end I warmed to the idea.

The problem with 2 stars...

2 stars are not very flashy, and I will only pick them as roadblocks to buy me an extra second. Bringing an operator knowing that it will either be sacrificed or not used does not feel right (they cost dp too).

At least 3 stars have a healing defender, slower and various dps.


2star life matter too :ak_lappdumb:


I like the idea but I’m not sure it works.


It’s a tower-style challenge so I started with the deep end to have the most choice for the hardest maps.

EX8: Carnelian, Projekt Red, Astesia, Meteorite, Ptilopsis, Myrtle, Ethan, Podenco, Frostleaf, Steward, Yato, Justice Knight

This one was fun. I wanted to build a squad around Carnelian because she seemed perfectly suited to the way enemies come in groups with breaks in between. And some lower rarity ops like Podenco and Frostleaf got to shine too.

Justice Knight was there to let me use better ops in the other slots. I picked her because she’s the most useless robot I wasn’t likely to want for the other stages. She did a great job of costing 1*.

EX7: Thorns, Flametail, Lappland, Whisperain, BP, Midnight, Hibiscus, Plume, Catapult, Popukar, Adnachiel, Vanilla

Ranged guard playground. Thorns, Lappland, BP and Midnight bombarding the areas where they spawn.

Flametail to start, I tried lower rarity vanguards but these enemies hit really hard if you can’t kill them quickly enough.

And the cheerleader squad has grown. Now we have five random 3*s I never deployed.

EX6: Blaze, Passenger, Shining, Mr Nothing, Robin, Beehunter, Fang, Lava, Ansel, Melantha, Rangers, 12F

This map really encourages focusing high damage on one spot. Three 6* clear it while some random crap watches. What is this, a trust farm?

EX5: NTRK, Blemi, Eyja, Chalter, W, Pluma, Elysium, Cardigan, Noir Corne, Castle, Lancet, THRM-EX

I brought my E0 L1 Chalter and W to show off how many spare points I have :fgo_gudako:


So after 8, you only really need half a squad anyway? I should’ve realised that would be a problem.

Do you think it’d work better with new events? The 8’s might get really tricky, but the 5,6,7 should be a bit tougher – Could also replace Ex-5 with the standard 8 map?

I had a go today, but wasted my plans on 8, trying to make a physical damage team work with Eunectus and some snipers - I’ll figure something out tomorrow.

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It took me a while to plan my way through them, maybe I’m a bit rusty

but is it more a case of trying to find the low rarity ops something to do, rather than actually needing them.

After using only Melantha on 8, I decided the 3 stars needed some love and brought them all along. Most of them were involved somewhat


8 - I wanted to do full AD, but it wasn’t working so I brought Shamare along

7 - Not enough tiles for 12F, otherwise I would have used him for sure
The snipers started facing the other way

6- I used Plume and Fang for early DP with Zima, while I set up Ifrit and the roadblocks

5- Wanted to use those 4 spares as well, but I ran out of practice plans and Monster, Rosa and Moutain need so little help on this map anyway.