Rural Player Moan

I went to my village up in the mountains this summer.

It only has around 100 people and until now there was no mobile phone coverage so it had no pokestops. However it is a beautiful spot full of monuments.

My suprise is that I requested 28 pokestops and only two had been accepted. Some of the 26 rejections are fair but they also rejected many places that in a “city” are always pokestops such as>

  • Fountains (3 of them, large and quite old with notice boards)
  • Children playground
  • Notice boards
  • Council house building from the XVI century
  • Open air theater
  • Cementery
  • Football ground
  • Sports area (Frontenis court, a local sport)

There may be some algorithm that links the number of pokestops to the number of mobile phones/population/pokemon go players but if this is the case it should be made public.

To be honest I find offensive that the building of the council house (for example) was rejected and feel like I am wasting my time. They do accept some horrible spots in urban areas such as “modern” simple fountains and even rocks!

Do you know why they were rejected? some might be because they cannot confirm the location or the picture of surrounding areas is unclear. Its often not about the nature of the stop and more to do with confirming stuff.

1- Nominations are reviewed by Pokemon Go and Ingress players.
2- As @captpepperjack said, it’s not only the nature of the place, the picture, title, description, accuracy of the location (reviewers have satelital images and Street View where it’s available to check) that comes into account.
3- Nominations are reviewed by Pokemon Go and Ingress players, yeah, I said it again.

I’m just gonna say what I think. Random people all around the world are voting for it to be a worth a pokestop or not, simply because they want to have their own submissions prioritized. I doubt most of them look through it enough to really consider it to be a stop or not. Unfortunately I’ve deleted the e-mails since my inbox got full, but I’ve had plenty nominations rejected because of following reasons:

Literally that. I have not nominated ever since. It’s dumb

I’ve only just hit lvl40 so I’ve only put in 5 or 6 and only two have been kicked back so far while one is a new gym (yay!). I’m in pretty small town (<10k) and there’s lots of eligible PoIs that haven’t been added (churches, parks, etc.). it might be if you’ve added a whole bunch to one area people will kick them out because there’s plenty of stuff in that park, for instance.

It’s usually people that play or have they bonus area set close enough to the place that review them, not from anywhere in world. So reviews may vary a lot from region to region, depending on how people on those areas think.

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Yeah, this is important too, there’s a cell system and only one POI will show up as a pokestop or gym per cell (they can get accepted for other games, though), and POIs closer than 20m to existing ones are automatically rejected.

I’ve reviewed Wayspot submissions and without delving into why a submission may be denied I’ll just go over which of your submissions are ineligible.

Children’s playground is eligible, as long as they are not located on primary and secondary school grounds, child care centers, day care centers, or private residential property. Indoor playgrounds should be evaluated on their cultural and historical significance.
Notice boards are a gray area
If the Council House is being used as a private residence it is not eligible
Cemeteries are not eligible for the most part. What is eligible is a gravestone that is publicly accessible and belongs to a historical figure or significant community figure.
Football ground and sports areas are eligible, as long as they are publicly accessible. If the fields are marked by signs, submit the signs as Wayspots. Also, ensure that the Wayspot appears to be at least 40 meters away from a private residence.

Even if a submission is approved it is important to remember there is no guarantee your submission will appear in a particular game Your submission could be approved and only show up in Ingress or only show up in Pokemon GO. There are various reasons for this.


Sounds like you’re a good​ reviewer and that’s​ awesome. Not everyone is, though, so the reason places are rejected could as well be “they’re not where I play so I don’t care”, “I couldn’t find it in the half a second I looked for it”, “I don’t know who the person commemorated in the monument, so they might not be important”, “I don’t know if that’s a public place and I’m not looking for it” or any other random thought might go through the mind of the reviewers.
And I’m just saying this so they don’t expect much of the system, because it’s​ bad. As a nominator, you have to do your best to make the best nominations possible, and if they get rejected, just :man_shrugging:t2: since you can’t do anything else, only submit again.

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Those people get very low ratings and eventually aren’t able to review anymore.

Not going to start a discussion about that here, but believe me, there’s a lot of perfectly good submissions that get rejected for no good reason. And while it’s good to focus on what can be improved about your nominations, sometimes there’s nothing wrong with them and you just have to resubmit until it gets reviewed by the right people :man_shrugging:t2:

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I was unaware of this (even though it makes sense since I’ve seen national nominations on Wayfarer myself, however it’s still a pretty wide range from what I’ve seen so far), although it still doesn’t change a lot on my opinion of how it works

How long did it take before this happened? And do you know why?

The main issue is it all seems very random.

In a city there will be hundreds of people requesting a particular place, so even if it is not so great it will eventually get approved.

In a rural area it is much more difficult, I am confident nobody who lives there plays pokemon go (there was no 4G coverage until a couple of months ago) and the chances of a level 40 player going there are slim.

As a result most villages, no matter how beautiful they are have got many places rejected while in urban areas even the most boring place gets eventually accepted.

In any case I will not go there again until November for a short weekend so it won’t bother me much. It should bother Niantic that they are not providing a good experience to rural players and even if individual villages are tiny there must be quite a lot of them…

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Oh, yeah, I forgot they changed it so POIs nominated in “remote” areas get reviewed by anyone on the same country (sometimes neighbor countries is the place is near the border). I haven’t reviewed in so long I’m starting to forget how it worked :laughing:

I agree with your opinion :wink:

Took about a week. :laughing: I was surprised at how quickly it was approved! Its in an area without many stops (only 2 or 3 that can be seen on the map from that spot). I took a good picture of the PoI (an amatuer baseball field/stadium in a very baseball-friendly town) with the name of the PoI visible in the picture, being printed on the building. Gave it a good description and explained why it was important to the community. I’ve had about 3 others get denied. One was a neat coffee shop (figured in Starbucks can get in…) and another was this neat antique store with a cool sign out front. Both were kicked for being “generic businesses” so while I think that’s a little borderline, I’m not going to try to resubmit. Better to go for something new that’s more likely to get approved anyway (like a historic church for instance).

In my experience, any business or in a business POI gets rejected as “generic business”. It doesn’t matter how unique, historical, social or culturally relevant it is, it’s easier to click go “generic business” route and reject that actually review. Same thing happens with any place where people study, they’ll get rejected as “schools”, even if they’re only for adults. It took me like 8 tries to get a University accepted.

I’m pretty sure that Starbucks sponsors the game, and that’s why they’re pokestops/gyms.