Ruse skills on AR

I wanted to use Ashnard as a light season tank even though I already have b!Ike as my light tank. Having another team could be fun. I thought having guard would be really good for him and even for Ike but I can’t spare their b slots for guard. I prefer Ashnard having quick riposte and Ike having null c.

I noticed I have summer ursula laying around with bad stats and I like her but I don’t really use her. I was considering giving her rally and ruse to b!Lucina who supports Ike and Ashnard. Is it a good idea? I see few teams running this and it’s usually Annette on defense teams. She currently has repo and link skills. I usually finish tier 24 or 25 on AR.


Rally atk/spd+ and def/res ruse? Tbh both B!Ike and Ashnard(not mention tanks in general) would prefer those skills be the other way around

I don’t think Rallies are great on AR offense due to movement assist skills like Smite and Reposition being so important for various strategies, and the stats can be provided through Tactics

And Ruses don’t stop IP teams anyway


Well I don’t really mind the debuffs and the buffs. Making their atk higher actually seems like a good idea for me since it helps them securing kills. I was mainly thinking about the guard debuff and I already have lots of mobility with the fliers and peony’s dance.

This is true but I have another team dedicated to sniping IP teams with Claude.