S3 Waifu Wars || Sacred Stones

I use “…” to display my speechlessness or that I’m thinking intently

I don’t intend condescension

V O T E :clap:t2: F O R :clap:t2: T E T H Y S

My other vote goes to Natasha, I feel I’m liking both her and Tethys a lot more than Tana as of late. :feh_notlikethis:

But Tana still gets my honor mention:


Tana is one of the waifus, as far as I’m concerned. Second vote for Eirika because she’s wonderful.


I mean, why not? Should make the final competition more interesting, and as Soulja said it’s best to not to try breaking another tie since chances are Ninian and Lyn will end in a draw again.

I’ll have to say, while your intentions are other, your messages can be misleading at times, so you’ll need to provide a bit more context… like, you could say “I’m speechless… should both Lyn and Ninian really be ending up in a tie?”.
But I won’t start an argument, just telling you to be more careful. :fgo_gudako:


Hide the poll results until it closes?

I feel like that’s not a bad idea for the waifu/husbando wars in general, since people tend to change their votes to try and beat whoever is ahead


Anyway, I figured I could talk a little about my picks. :fgo_jeannecheer:

Tethys (vote)

First of all, Tethys is probably going to be my favourite gal of the game, but I do really like Natasha and Tana (the last of which, has been my favourite for a long time).

Ofc, her artwork is very charming, specially in #fire-emblem-heroes, I enjoy looking at how she’s dressed and smiles at the summoner, and her persona makes me happy.
Plus her story makes her an admirable character, as she had to work her way back in the streets when she was younger and orphaned with Ewan.

This is my dedication to her in FEH:

…Although I wish I had more skills on her but she’s still doing great otherwise.

Natasha (vote)

I think she looks specially alluring with the white robes and her hairstyle, I don’t know why but I love how cute she looks with them.
But ofc if I look into designs alone I might end up taking a big disappointment, so I researched her like I’d do with anyone else and grew due to her gentle personality and courage in battle to heal the others.

Tana (honor mention)

…Sadly, I don’t have OG Tana in FEH (just her summer version without any special investment), one reason why I didn’t vote her, I feel that, as of late, I’m not as attached to her as before, while Tethys and Natasha grew on me.
But what I like of Tana is how sociable and lovely she is, even considering her status as a princess.


Tana too low



Also, hopefully someday, Tethys and Natasha get some more fan #art… if anything, I’ve noticed how little they get. :fgo_seiba:


download (7)

Art dump!


I am glad it’s stated that it’s a best girl poll this go around


Good to see Tethys where she deserves to be

At the top


Tbh all SS girls are best girls. but i’m still pleasantly surprised to see L’arachel winning :feh_larawink:


This one was tough like the guys’ but slightly easier, thankfully :fgo_medealove:

My first vote went to the dancing queen herself, my girl Tethys :fgo_ereshlove:
She was so fun, and great and her A support with Gerik was unforgettable. Her backstory in awe inspiring as well, and just knowing how no matter how hard it seemed, or how painful it was, she never gave up on herself and gave everything she had for her brother. She’s a queen and one of my favourites from the series. Hopefully I can get the last three copies I need soon


My second vote was harder, but it eventually went to Marisa. Now normally, as weird as it may sound, I don’t like characters with pink hair. I dunno what it is but it’s just a design aspect that tends to turn me away from them.

There are some exceptions of course

But most of the time that weird nitpick holds true

Marisa happens to be one of those exceptions. I don’t even remember why I liked her, but I really did. And she worked her way up to this spot in my heart :fgo_ereshlove:

Honourable mentions go to the other three that were fighting for the second spot

As well as L’Arachel for being the iconic justice seeker we all love


Well rip selena, my second vote.

Iike a lot of the other characters, but I felt she deserved it since you have no way around killing her in game, and she just doesn’t deserve that. (Rip grados original 3 generals, one defected, one team killed, one died honorably in war)

Eirika was my first vote, and the other one I strongly considered was Marisa. Like tana too though.


Is l’Ara going to win this one ?



I have to admit

“Sacred Stoners” got me

L’Arachel and Tethys were tied before, what happened

I’m not complaining though, L’Arachel is bae

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This was a lot harder than I initially thought.

I voted for Natascha and Tana, but there’s also Eirika, L’Arachel and Marisa.