Saber Astolfo Help

hi everyone, i’m a big fan of Astolfo and i just found his saber Alt. I read something on internet but i can’t really comprehend if he is good, meh or trash y’know. Can someone explain me if he is a good servant or not? thank you all!

Here’s my opinions

Soooo… Didn’t help they made him an SSR.

I’m not sure how his second skill works but he seems really a great solo saber compare another ST sabers. As peoples always say gameplay is useless, what matters is love for the character. I myself play this game for him and hopefully can get him when we got the patch in 2 years.


he seems like a worse okita. everything he does, okita is leagues better at imo…

If you like him, yes he is usable even if unimpressive. At least he’s not disaster-tier like Yu.