Saber bosses, double castoria vs double skadi

The title. Would like to see what setups are best, usable, etc. I’ve always had trouble with them since Gawain and lb2 was torture. Tryna see who to invest in. Any raw damage comparisons, strats welcome.

I don’t know, Castoria have the power of make Vlad a strong af servant, and i don’t know what Skadi can do, seriously this question is so non specific that is hard to know what to say

I guess to be specific, how to finish off a saber boss as quickly as possible. Tired of quartz continues

I mean…why you want to en that fast? I mean both probably let you end super fast but i don’t know why you need it? Either i guess that Castoria would be better with a good Art servant or a Vlad

Double skadi + waver + MHXA/MHX with Black Grail can do 3T saber boss in some youtube highlight (1M HP Altria Alter).
Now 2x Castoria make many other easier choices.

I like fast fights and stalls but don’t usually have time for the latter. Hmm maybe castoria can bring similar results while being somewhat safer

Pretty sure archuria with double castoria would demolish any saber boss considering she’s already really good with Tamamo. As for quick ST archers they have…billy?


Wouldn’t Double Merlin + Gil decimate saber bosses in an instant tho?

Which saber boss are we talking about again here?